To help you make the most of your weight loss, the team at BE Fit food have put together some special tips.

Be a healthier you

Would you mind letting us know if there’s something we should add to this, thanks!

Most of our customers lose 05. to 1 kg per week.

BE ACTIVE is not a ketogenic diet

(This is explained in BE RAPID) BE ACTIVE is really just healthy eating, plain and simple. Using real food, no preservatives or additives and designed by a doctor and dietitians to meet your nutritional needs. And put together by our chefs so that they are yummy. REAL. EASY. HEALTHY.

Do not vary the diet

If you want to meet your nutritional needs, avoid sugar swings etc.

Don’t have any  liquid calories. these add up really quickly and will most likely ruin the calorie balance for the day.

Do not skip meals or snacks (even though you might not be hungry). Skipping meals will mean you will get very hungry later in the day or straight after your next meal. And you are then more likely to snack and drift away from your good intentions.

No alcohol, no chocolate and no milky coffees. These have too many calories and carbs and will probably make you hungry afterwards and more hungry for around 24 hours. Ok, you can have a splash of milk in your coffee, but just once per day.

Do not alter the diet for exercising. This really never works in reality. Sometimes you might exercise so much you should have a protein snack straight afterwards, and perhaps an extra protein snack for he day. But generally speaking, the weight loss will better if you don’t  do this.

A reminder of what you’ll be eating and how much to order

Meal                   Calories             BE Fit Food options                         How many to order for the week

Breakfast               220                      Yoghurt Chia Pod / Porridge / Instant Omelette         7

Lunch                      250                      Small Hot Meal / Soup / Salad                          7

Snack                      100                      BE Protein Ball*                                       7

Dinner                    500                     Full Serve Hot Meal /Soup                      7

PLUS                       100                       Side salad**

Total Calories       920

*Or a piece of fruit or other snack from our list of Allowed Extras

**Made from our list of Allowed Extras Ingredients, or from one of the side salad recipe suggestions on this website. Prepare for yourelf either 1 cup of salad or 1/2 a cup of veggies, or you could have another snack at any time of the day instead.

Drink loads of water

We suggest the average adult should drink 1500ml to 2000ml of water, or 6 to 8 cups.

After you achieve your weight goal with BE ACTIVE,

you could stash a few BE Fit meals in the freezer for whenever you need an easy healthy meal.

Also, you might like to know

Any of the breakfasts can be eaten any day of the week.

And any of the small hot meals, salads and soups can be eaten at either lunch or dinner, any day of the week. We suggest a small serve lunch and a Full serve dinner because it is harder to suppress appetite in the evening. And people often want a larger meal at this time. But have the small serve and Full serve at which ever meal suit you best.

That’s because all BE Fit Food flavour options are almost identical nutritionally and so are readily interchangeable.

When you choose your meals from BE Fit Food, remember you can eat any flavour, any time of the day, or day of the week, beacuase all our types of meals of the same serving size are nutritionally very, very similar.

BE Fit Food is unique in the market for providing all your dietary requirements, but if you go for more than 2 weeks then you should add a multivitamin just to be safe. We suggest taking multivitamins that are specially formulated to be used during weight loss, such as the ones available from BE Fit Food.

Diabetics on certain medication should consider medical supervision consultation prior to commencing a new diet. Please consult with your clinician for personalised advice. BE Fit Food also has a team of dietitians to help you if you need.

elite athlete or very active?

Try BE PUMPED (1400 Calories, 120g carbs, 120g or more of protein)

And finally, we also suggest consulting a clinical dietitian or medical practitioner prior to commencing weight loss if you have any concerns.

Here is a list of snack suggestions and side meal ingredients. We have chosen foods for this list that are low in calories and are popular and readily available. If your favourite food is not on the list (e.g. bananas, avocados) we have probably left it off because it is too high in calories, and we suggest you don’t eat them, because your weight loss will be slower. This is a JPEG, so if you would like a copy just drag it to your desktop.