You'll be eating a strict diet that is scientifically formulated for optimised nutrition while achieving rapid weight loss. With the BE Rapid Chef’s Selection Combo, let our chefs choose some of our favourite dishes for you. Or, if you want to choose your own flavours, go with BE Rapid U Choose Combo.

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If you want an 800 calorie per day diet ( there is emerging scientific evidence that this is completely safe and very effective, including diabetic blood sugar control), simply omit one of the snacks or the side salad/ side meal.

* Or a piece of fruit or other snack from our list of Allowed Extras
** Made form our list of Allowed Extras ingredients, or from one of the side salad recipe suggestions on this website. Prepare for yourself either 1 cup of salad or 1/2 a cup of veggies, or you could have another snack at any time of the day. See the list below.


When you go to order BE Rapid (whether you are choose a Chef's Selection or a U Choose option), the ordering process will make sure you order the correct amount of food for the week. If you have any problems, why not just call us on 1300 2 MEALS.

When you order BE Rapid you will receive 3 meals and one snack per day.


With your BE Fit Food, you need to be strict with your side meals, salads and snacks to achieve your weight loss goals. To create your own ½ a cup of cooked vegetables or 1 cup of salad from these allowed ingredients. Our website also has side recipe ideas. Choose your snack from the list too. If you use other ingredients, you are more likely to be hungry.

Last year I went on the Rapid Weight Loss plan for three weeks prior to having a gastric sleeve procedure. At the end of the three weeks I lost 8kg
My husband and I have been doing BeFit program for a couple of months and have had significant weight loss. We are a roaming billboard it seems for BeFit as everywhere we go people ask - what have you been doing you look great

Frequently asked questions

How does BE Rapid work?

BE RAPID is rapid weight loss (e.g. 2 to 12 kg in just 2 weeks) while maintaining a healthy intake of all the other important nutrients. It is designed by a team of a doctor and dietitians, and is based on science that is used by weight loss clinicians around the world. The BE Fit Food BE RAPID formula is very precise, and not that easy to reproduce in your home. Many of the ingredients are difficult to source, and the meals very time consuming to prepare. So BE Fit Food has made it easy for you to get it right. Using clean, whole foods. REAL. EASY. HEALTHY.

Is BE Rapid a ketogenic diet?

Yes, BE Rapid is a ketogenic diet. BE Rapid is the only ketogenic diet that is fully prepared, made from whole foods and home delivered.

So, what is a ketogenic diet? Basically, this means your body will be only using fat to fuel it. So, what the body does, is it has numerous stores of energy in all sorts of places. And, usually, it carefully chooses where to source its energy from. (For example, when you have just eaten, you will tend to use up energy in the liver.) And also what type of energy it wants to use. It has 3 choices: sugar, fat and protein. So under normal conditions this is a combination of stored sugar, fat and muscle taken from various organs around the body. But when we say we want to lose weight, we mean fat, right? Obviously the best weight loss method would only lose fat, and not lose muscle, water or other things. So to get the body to only use up fat storage we need to motivate it to do so. The best motivation (or stimulation in medical speak) for the body to only use fat is to restrict the supply of carbohydrate and overall energy. In other words, diet very strictly. For this to occur the total daily intake should be less than about 90g carbs and about 1000 calories for most people. But while on such a diet it is important to remember to maintain good intake of all the other nutrients the body needs. Like protein, fibre, calcium etc.

When the body only uses fat for its energy supply, it creates a by-product, called a ketone. These ketones appear in the blood, and get removed from the body in the urine and are breathed out. They are perfectly safe at the very low levels created by this kind of dieting. In fact, this is a really efficient mode for the body to be in. It's so efficient and safe that scientists wonder if this is the preferred mode for the body to be in! So there are 3 ways you can check to see if your ketogenic ("ketone creating") diet is working; check your blood with a finger prick test (the most accurate), test a sample of urine with a dipstick, or just check out your breath for a feint, unfamiliar odour.

To change over to this kind of metabolism takes most people about 3 days of strict dieting. For these first 3 days you may intermittently experience hunger, fuzzy headedness, sweatiness, irritability and lethargy. (You'll be a bit "hangry" perhaps.) This will then decrease, and you are likely to feel energetic and really keen to exercise, which you can do. But, remember you must keep to the diet strictly or the symptoms of the first 3 days will return. You might like to test for ketones daily to keep you on track.

Will I be hungry on BE Rapid?

Now for the really good news. Once a ketogenic diet is established (usually after 3 days) you won't be hungry, and you'll feel really energetic!!

Yes, you read right,  you won't be hungry!

Yep, how awesome is that!

So here's why. The ketones themselves seem to decrease appetite (scientists aren't sure about this at this stage). Now that is handy! And makes sense. The ketones signal the brain to decrease appetite. It would be no good if a by-product of decreased food intake and energy supplies were to make you hungry. You would just get hangrier and hangrier. It seems obvious to us that getting hangry is a way of making us eat. But if there were no food around getting hangry would be a bit pointless. What's the point of fighting over food if there isn't any. The other way this diet makes hunger decrease is by restricting sugar intake. When we eat sugar our blood sugar level surges and rapidly dives after a while making us hungry again. You've no doubt noticed that some foods make you hungry an hour or so later. BE Fit Food does not contain enough of the types of sugars that make you hungry. And thirdly, the hunger is suppressed by various hormones in the body in response to the calorie and carbohydrate restriction.

Is Rapid weight loss good for you?

Rapid weight loss is perfectly safe for most people under most circumstances. There are a few groups of people that should consider personalised clinical advice before starting this diet. Namely; diabetics, the very elderly and very young, and pregnant / lactating mothers. Having said that, most people with these conditions will be perfectly safe on a diet like BE RAPID.

So it's safe, but some people think that slow weight loss is better. This is an area of scientific controversy, so we don't want to be too dogmatic here. But, we think over all rapid weight loss is better because,  compared with slower weight loss, rapid weight loss produces:

Greater weight loss for effort (kilos lost per week)

Greater weight loss on average

Greater sustained weight loss (5x more weight loss compared to slower weight loss methods at 1 year)

Tighter Blood sugar control in diabetics.

Can I vary the diet in anyway?

There is only one type of variation of this diet that is okay, and that's to eat even less.

If you want an 800 calorie per day diet ( there is emerging scientific evidence that this is completely safe and very effective, including  diabetic blood sugar control), simply omit one of the snacks or the side salad/ side meal.

So, for this variation,  you'll be eating and ordering:

Meal                   Calories             BE Fit Food options                         How many to order for the week

Breakfast               220                      Yoghurt Chia Pod / Porridge / Instant Omelette         7

Lunch                      250                      Small Hot Meal / Soup / Salad                          7

Snack                      100                      BE Protein Ball*                                       7

Dinner                    250                      Small Hot Meal /Soup / Salad                          7

Total Calories       820

*Or a piece of fruit or other snack from our list of Allowed Extras

If you add any food at any time you will probably start creeping out of ketosis and get hungry and slower weight loss. If a higher intake type of diet is more what you are after, try BE ACTIVE (1170 calories, 100 g Protein, 100 g carbs per day) instead.

Do not vary the diet in any other way

If you do, you will get too hungry, not lose as much weight, lose weight more slowly and potentially not get enough nutrients. eg you might think you could replace the breakfast pods with Greek yoghurt, but if you did this you would not get enough protein (as BE Fit Food Breakfast Pods have added protein), or too many carbs, among other issues. In other words, the science behind the BE Fit Food diet requires you do not alter the diet in any way.

No alcohol, no chocolate and no milky coffees. These have too many calories and carbs and will probably make you hungry afterwards and more hungry for around 24 hours. Ok, you can have a splash of milk in your coffee, but just once per day.

Do not alter the diet for exercising.

Do not skip meals or snacks (even though you might not be hungry). Skipping meals will mean you will get very hungry later in the day or straight after your next meal.

What are the benefits of BE Rapid?

Food is medicine. No-one really knows what our bodies need to be healthy, which is why there are so many diets flying around that come and go. But, it makes sense to respect the fact that our bodies were designed a long time ago and that there weren't any preservatives and artificial additives in the food back then.  There is a large amount of evidence that eating certain foods is altering the bacteria in our gut (microbiome) and this in turn is effecting our health in numerous ways. At BE Fit Food we prepare clean, whole food to help counterbalance all the added chemicals found in other foods.

There are only 3 ways of doing this kind of ketogenic diet. Make it yourself from recipes. Go on a bears and shakes diet and take in all the preservatives and crave real food. Or eat BE Fit Food.

Our Breakfasts Contain only 220 calories per serve, yet 20g protein and only 20g carbs.

Lunch and Dinners Contain only 250 calories, yet 20 g protein and only 20 carbs.

You'll get around only 80g carbs per day, 80g of protein per day, and a total of only 820 Calories per day, or 920 per day if you also add a piece of fruit or side salad per day.

BE Fit Food supplies the number of carbs and calories to achieve and maintain a ketogenic diet. But also the nutrients needed to keep the rest of the body happy, like fibre and calcium and protein and vitamins etc.

It's made from real whole foods.

BE Fit Food is portion perfection on overdrive. The exact right size meals; every meal the exact same nutrients. (Well, not exactly the same, but closer than any other diet by a mile.)

No Added Sugar, nothing artificial

How long do I do BE Rapid for?

Let's be honest here, this type of strict dieting is really difficult for so many people. We have found the majority of people can keep going without making any "mistakes" for about 2 to 4 weeks, and then something makes them drift away a little. Not many people can go longer than 10 weeks without making a variation to the diet. It is safe to keep on going with the strict diet as long as you want, but 2 things will make you stop:  a moment of absent mindedness or an event or something else in your life will pop up or your will lose your will power, and secondly because the weight loss will slow down after a while.

There is some strong scientific evidence that 8 to 12  weeks might be the optimal duration of a tight calorie controlled diet like BE RAPID.

So perhaps aim for 2 to 4 weeks and see how you go. Set yourself a goal if this motivates you better. Get some friends and family in on your plans to help keep you going.  And while you are doing BE RAPID, plan what you are going to do after the diet to maintain the weight loss as best as you can.

What do I do after Be Rapid to keep weight off?

The majority of our customers go on BE RAPID for 4 to 12 weeks and then transition to eating "normally" by going on BE ACTIVE for as long as they can. BE ACTIVE includes one Full size meal per day and averages 1170 calories per day. They then substitute as many meals as they can with BE Fit Food meals, and then eventually go back to food they make themselves, only using the BE Fit meals in the freezer as back ups.

Another option is to do a 5:2 diet like the BE Fit Food version B5:2.

This transition to your normal diet will prolong the weight loss and the metabolic effects. It will also help you to reduce your portion sizes and yet feel satisfied. Try to make your food look the size of our meals at the very least, pack them with nutrients and minimise the carbs and go with the sorts of ingredients you saw in our meals. And work towards calculating the nutrients in each meal and try to match ours.

Most of our customers keep a supply of BE Ft Food meals in the freezer for those extra busy and emotional days when take-away and junk seems to be calling us. And then return to BE RAPID when they are ready to go again.

Do you have any tips to help me with BE Rapid?

Drink loads of water. We suggest the average adult should drink 1500ml to 2000ml of water, or 6 to 8 cups.

Do not drink any liquid calories...but if you are really keen to, you could add a splash of milk to your coffee or tea.

Any of the breakfasts can be eaten any day of the week.

And any of the hot meals, salads and soups can be eaten at either lunch or dinner, any day of the week.

That’s because all BE Fit Food flavour options are almost identical nutritionally and so are readily interchangeable.

When you choose your meals from BE Fit Food, remember you can eat any flavour, any time of the day, or day of the week, beacuase all our types of meals are nutritionally very, very similar.

We suggest taking multivitamins that are specially formulated to be used during rapid weight loss, such as the ones available from BE Fit Food. BE Fit Food is unique in the market for providing all your dietary requirements, but if you go for more than 2 weeks then you should add a multivitamin just to be safe.

Diabetics on certain medication should only consider rapid weight loss under medical supervision. Please consult with your clinician for personalised advice.

What can I make my side meals or snacks from?

There is a list of snack suggestions and side meal ingredients above. We have chosen foods for this list that are low in calories and are popular and readily available. If your favourite food is not on the list (e.g. bananas, avocados) we have probably left it off because it is too high in calories, and we suggest you don't eat them, otherwise you are likely to no longer be ketogenic and get hungry, and lose weight slower etc. This is a JPEG, so if you would like a copy just drag it to your desktop.


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