Nutritional Content

Our meals are all made from high quality, fresh ingredients including lean beef, skinless chicken breasts and tenderloins, lean lamb fillets, Atlantic Salmon and a wide array of seasonal vegetables and other healthy ingredients..

Our meals also contain a source of wholegrains such as Quinoa, Cous-Cous, Brown Rice, Wholemeal Soba Noodles or high protein, low carb pasta.
We also include legumes in most meals for extra dietary fibre, protein and to promote better satiety (fullness).

Our meals are all calorie controlled and formulated to contain a high source of protein and dietary fibre.

Each meal has a unique source of essential vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Calcium and Folate to assist you to meet your estimated daily nutrient requirements.

A Full nutritional panel and ingredient list is included on this website with each product description..