“I was feeling anxious about transitioning from clear fluids to purees after my gastric sleeve. I really wanted to meet my protein goals without relying on liquid calories, and I did not have the time or expertise to make different and interesting purees each day that were easily tolerated. The BE Fit Food website is fantastic with food choices and nutritional information, the support via email prompt and supportive, delivery and ordering very convenient, and the whole service is surprisingly affordable.”
Sleeve July 2015


“All the meals I had were very delicious and nutritious – they even looked fantastic which isn’t something you expect when you open a pre-made frozen meal…eat suitable portions and get into the habit of eating regularly without the hassle of food prep.”
Inside Out Exercise Physiology


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“What can I say, fantastic flavours and I feel just great. I was surprised that the meal sizes are more than adequate. Keeps me lean, confident and ‘on the edge’ behind the wheel. Thank you to the team at Be Fit Food. Love the service, the team are great to deal with, and the food is scrumptious…”
Tony Groves
Racing Car Driver


“I had been trying to lose just 5kg for ages. I ate BE Fit Food meals for just 2 weeks, and problem solved! Thank you guys! I am still eating your food to keep the weight off, but mainly because I just love the taste and convenience.”
Personal Trainer


“Big thanks you to the team at BE Fit Food for all their professional help in the lead up to my next boxing bout, highly recommend these meals, they taste great and helped me get to my fight weight just in time.”
Sugar Kane Watts


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“Amazing products and service. They catered for a party I held and all of my guests raved about the quality, taste and look. I would highly recommend these products.”
Nicole Dunn


“I was amazingly surprised that the calorie reduced food could taste so good. The food was delicious, fresh and also surprisingly filling. As a health professional I continually see the need for most individuals to reduce both their daily calorie intake and meal sizes to reduce or manage their chronic disease risk/ condition. The BE Fit Food food range gives you the guidance and the recommended balance of correct nutrition and good health”.
Exercise Physiologist, Frankston


“This food tastes really, really good. I just love the breakfast pods, they are amazing”
Theatre nurse


“I have tried the bariatric meals for a week from BE Fit Food and was surprised at how varied, tasty, fresh and enjoyable the food was. I was happy to lose a few kilograms, and have kept them off because of a few simple lessons I learned that week. Eat slowly and really enjoy your meals, drink lots of water,  and only eat when you are hungry. A great way to kick start a healthier eating pattern!”
Dr Shaun
GP on Mornington Peninsula


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