Our food has been formulated by experts who have been working for years in weight loss.

We think it is really important that people eat healthy, fresh food to help them achieve their weight loss. They also need to eat small portions of food. They generally have busy lives: they are often responsible for taking care of other family members whilst they take on their weight loss. “Shake and Bar” diets don’t suit many peoples life-styles, and there are some short comings to re-educating yourself about healthy eating and trying to learn this by eating food that looks like chocolate bars. Our food is also an education tool.

Food is medicine. No-one really knows what our bodies need to be healthy, which is why there are so many diets flying around that come and go. But, it makes sense to respect the fact that our bodies were designed a long time ago and that there weren’t any preservatives and artificial additives in the food back then.  There is a large amount of evidence that eating certain foods is altering the bacteria in our gut (microbiome) and this in turn is effecting our health in numerous ways. At BE Fit Food we prepare clean, whole food to help counterbalance all the added chemicals found in other foods.

Our meals are a satisfying, delicious, real food alternative to the ‘shake and bar” diets used by so many people trying to lose weight or simply eat better. Essentially, we have developed meals which contain similar calorie and nutrient content of the shake and bar diets. But we have made our meals from real food.

Recipe Meal of asian fish      Bowl of Sth African Chicken & Rice

We have breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks.

BE Fit Food meals are developed by dietitians and are made fresh in our commercial kitchen by professional chefs, sealed fresh and delivered to your home. It is healthy, convenient, real food.

It is Real. It is Easy. It is Healthy.

 Bowl of Moroccan Tofu      Bowl of veggie Ragu

Please consult with your dietitian before implementing this eating programme.

Bunch of fresh rosemary