How to Break Your Bad Eating Habits for Good!

If you’re like the majority of us, and you’ve spent the winter months indoors, loving that comfort food and picking up a few (or a heap!) of unhealthy habits, then take just 30 minutes to join Kate for this fact-packed educational webinar to learn all about:

✓ How to re-formulate your day-on-a-plate to kickstart your metabolism

✓ How 1-2 weeks is all you need to reset unhealthy habits

 ✓ What you can eat to shed a few unwanted kilos

 ✓  What to do to re-energise and get yourself out into the sunshine exercising again

Come into your summer months ready to rock those shorts and singlets again! And get ready to feel AMAZING, both inside and out.

The 30-minute webinar will be held on Wednesday 20th Oct at 5pm AEST.

With Kate Save
CEO & Co-Founder of Be Fit Food
Accredited Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist & Diabetes Educator

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