Day 1


Time to weigh in!

Welcome to Day 1 of the 14 Day Challenge program!

It's time to weigh in! In this episode we talk though how to weigh in and take measurements to track your journey over the coming 14 days.

We also talk you through what the next 14 days will look like for you!

Use positive self-talk today. 

Make an effort to catch any negative thoughts and turn them into a positive.

Weighing In

When it comes to weight loss, seeing results is one of the best motivators out there.

Keeping track of your progress will reinforce your confidence in your ability to reach your goals.

Along with observing the first signs of weight loss, such as a lighter feeling and reduced bloating, you can begin to measure longer term results during the Challenge.

Let's get started, weigh yourself before starting the challenge.

Ideally, you should:
Do it first thing in the morning
Wear minimal clothes and no shoes
Wait a week until your next weigh-in.

Metabolism Reset

You've heard about Metabolism Reset? But do you know what it is? 

Founder and CEO, Kate Save is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Diabetes Educator.

Watch now to see what exactly is a Metabolism Reset.

Positive Mindset

Steph Prem takes you through a beginners guide to mindfulness, she will take you through 2 simple exercises that help you to be a little bit more mindful.

Rapid Weight Loss

What is Rapid weight loss? And, why is Be Fit Food so good at seeing rapid weight loss results?

Be Fit Food's evidence-based nutritional science and meals are the reason behind our success.


Good hydration is important for flushing out ketones, which build up as you burn fat. How much water should you be drinking, though?

We recommend drinking 35–45 millilitres of water per kilogram of your body weight each day. Multiply your weight in kilograms by 35, then again by 45. That is how many millilitres you should be drinking. For example, somebody weighing 80 kilograms would multiply 80 by 35 and 45, getting 2800 ml (2.8L) and 3600 ml (3.6L).

Other liquids you can consume include tea, coffee, soda, mineral water, sugar-free kombucha and diet cordial. Small amounts of milk can also be a great protein snack.


Facebook Group

Join your private VIP support group to share your success with other Challengers! 


Dietitian Consultation

Don't forget, our accredited practising dietitians are here for you as well!



*Average 5.89kg lost by 212 Be Fit Food customers over 2 weeks on Be Rapid/Metabolism Reset. Individual results may vary and may be impacted by numerous factors including food plan type and individual circumstances and existing health/medical conditions or medications. We advise you to talk to your health professional prior to commencing and during your weight loss journey.