Day 13


Notice the changes in your body. 

What are you noticed in the changes in your body? Are you less bloated? Sleeping better? Skin improved?

We chat about the 'compensation theory'. If you've had a "slip up" one day, never ever feel guilty! Just reset and think about setting yourself up for success the next day. Start fresh, and maybe compensate by having a lighter day the next day.

Make all your new habits a lifestyle choice not a chore.

Make your habits pleasurable and enjoyable so you stick to them for the long-term.

Compensation theory

The compensation theory is all about progressing, even if you make a mistake here and there. If you’ve overeaten or had to eat something not in your diet, you can make up for this to get yourself back on track.

You might do a little bit more exercise afterwards, or eat less for your next meal. Alternatively, you could do an overnight fast for 12-16 hours. For example, you might only eat between 12pm and 8pm the next day, helping to reset your metabolism. It’s all about putting your best foot forward, and compensating for the little mistakes we all make.


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