Day 14


Metabolism Reset - What You've Just Achieved

We service our cars annually but why don’t we do the same to our major fat burning organ? In today’s episode we discuss the importance of resetting your metabolism regularly for fat loss and what steps you take to do so.  

Find inspiration, on a daily basis. Inspiration is one of the best motivators, and it can be found everywhere.

Every day, seek inspiration, and it will help sustain motivation over the long term. Sources of inspiration can include: blogs, online success stories, forums, friends and family, magazines, books, quotes, music, photos, people you meet.

How to take your Measurements

Measuring yourself at the end of each week is a great way to track progress. 

Here are some tips to keep it consistent:

• Waist measurements: Measure around your belly button. (Why? It doesn’t move)
 • Hips: Measure widest point around your buttocks. (Why? You lose the most on the widest point)
 • Thighs (Left and Right): Measure at the point half way between the top of the knee cap and top of the hip bone. (Why? You can find the exact same spot next time)
• Bust/Chest: Measure around the nipple line. (Why? They don’t move)
 • Upper arms (Left and Right): Measure at the point half way between the elbow and shoulder. (Why? You can find the exact same spot next time)

How to take your Photos

You've reached the end of week 2! Don't forget to take your end of week 2 progress photos.

When it comes to weight loss, seeing your results is one of the best motivators out there.

Keeping track of your progress will reinforce your confidence in your ability to reach your goals.

Along with observing the first signs of weight loss, such as a lighter feeling and reduced bloating, you can begin to measure longer term results throughout your entire Refresh Program™.

Weigh yourself on the day you start your program first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything, wearing minimal clothes and no shoes.


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