Day 2


Craving Caffeine? What is the right balance?

Coffee lovers rejoice! In today’s episode we discuss the importance in determining how much coffee you can consume, based off your genes. We discuss how coffee can be used as a successful tool in providing energy and acting as an appetite suppressant.  

Every day is a new beginning and a chance for change.


Despite what most people think, caffeine doesn't provide your body with a boost of energy, instead, it blocks the adenosine receptors in our brain (the molecule that promotes sleepiness) and stops us from feeling tired.

Caffeine can improve energy levels and exercise performance, with black coffee in particular containing small amounts of essential nutritions (Vitamins B2,3&5, potassium and magnesium), but... how much is too much?

FSANZ cites that approximately 240mg per day is safe in adults – that’s about 3 cups of black coffee or 5 cups of black tea!

Just be mindful that everyone tolerates caffeine differently and even moderate to high doses in some people can cause anxiety, jitters, GI irritation and disrupted sleep patterns. Get to know your own patterns and, when you can, reach for that glass of water instead!

EMOM with Sarah Moss

Take a few moments to watch this video, where Sarah Moss will take you through a simple workout to keep your positivity flowing. 


At this point in the program, you may be experiencing the infamous ‘hanger’ - that is, irritability or a grumpy mood brought on by being hungry. While this is not much fun, keep in mind that it will pass.

In most cases, it only lasts for around 2-3 days as the body adjusts. After that, you’ll start feeling yourself again.

In the meantime, there are few things you can do to help you kick the hunger pangs. The ‘recommended extras’ list is your best friend, as is drinking water and herbal tea, doing light exercise, practising mindfulness or enjoying a hobby.

Read our dietitians’ tips for minimising hangry feelings below:


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