Day 4


What is Keto?

What is Keto? Accredited Dietitian & CEO of Be Fit Food, Kate Save, explains the science of ketosis and the perfect combination of macronutrients for optimal weight loss. In this episode we also combating cravings, sugar & dessert alternatives.

Are you getting your fluid requirement in for the day?

Write down a list of ways to make sure you get through your water each day!


Ketosis, but specifically mild nutritional ketosis will be your recipe to success. 

Our Be Fit Food meals are made to induce mild nutrition ketosis. 

Listen to Kate tell you more!

What Happens When You Start A Keto Diet

You already know that Be Fit Food’s programs are based on a mild ketogenic approach, designed to get your body burning fats rather than carbs as fuel. But what exactly does this mean for you right now?

When you’re first starting out on a keto diet, you’ll probably notice a range of different responses from your body. Some of these, like weight loss and increased energy, will be very welcome. But many people also experience some mild side effects, like constipation and odd-smelling breath. 


What sugar should you be eating? 

Did you know there are sugars in vegetables? - and they're ok to eat. 

Listen more for what sugars are acceptable on the Challenge Yourself program.

Effects of Sugar on your Brain

Knowing how sugar affects the brain can help you avoid unwanted cravings. Sugar triggers the reward system in the brain and gives you a feeling of happiness, also known as the hormone dopamine. Regular bursts of dopamine from sugar can cause a ‘sugar addiction’, quickly causing unwanted weight gain.

It’s important to be mindful of ‘hidden’ sugars in your diet that could also trigger dopamine bursts. To avoid unwanted sugar cravings, you can trigger your dopamine response and get a burst of happiness in other ways, such as exercising, getting some sunshine or having sex. 

Managing your cravings

We know those afternoon cravings can hit hard!

This is why we created healthy snacks to keep you full between meals.

Load up on some of your favourites or try something new with our snack pack bundle.



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