Day 8


Congratulations on Completing Week 1!

Alcohol - How Bad Can it Be?

Did you know that alcohol is actually a poison? In today’s episode we discuss how alcohol changes the way our body burns fat by focusing on breaking down alcohol instead of your fat stores. Tune in to understand the affects it has on your body once consumed and why it's best to avoid it.

Don't compare yourself with others, compare yourself with the past you! 

Make a list of your positive traits and accomplishments to remind yourself of how far you’ve already come!

How alcohol impacts your weight loss

What impact does alcohol consumption have on your diet?

Alcohol contains unwanted calories and carbohydrates with little or no nutritional benefit.

Alcohol consumption can also cause you to transition out of nutritional ketosis, which can inhibit weight loss and subsequent fat burning for at least 72 hours.

When people drink, they also tend to nibble on fatty foods such as cheese, crackers or chocolate. Alcohol consumption can also interrupt sleep and exercise patterns, further contributing to poor weight loss outcomes.

Alcohol Alternatives

We all know that you just need a refreshing beverage while at social events or to wind down. Instead of reaching for alcohol, try a flavoured sparkling water or one of our mocktail recipes below.


Weighing in

It’s been a week since your weigh-in at the start of the Challenge. Now it’s time to check in with your scales again. Be sure to do this at the same time of day as before, wearing similar weight clothes.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t see huge results at this point - in fact, this is perfectly normal, and means you’re progressing at a healthy and sustainable pace.

Hopefully, you’ve resisted the urge to weigh yourself during the week - day-to-day fluctuations are very normal, but can feel discouraging. It’s in your weekly weigh-ins that you’ll really see results over time. 

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