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If you are looking to begin a new ketosis (keto) weight loss program, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer number of options and information available.

Many of us find it difficult to embark on a new weight loss journey without proof that there are lasting benefits from the program, which is why our dietitians at Be Fit Food promote programs that have continually shown positive results.

One of the most effective and beneficial weight loss programs for our customers is the keto diet. With proven before and after results, the keto diet is well known to promote weight loss, and increase performance.

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Keto Diet and Weight Loss

The science behind why a keto diet results in weight loss is relatively straightforward.

When undertaking a keto diet, you restrict your carbohydrate intake whilst maintaining moderate levels of protein and significantly increasing your daily intake of fats.

Through this restriction, your body is unable to use carbohydrates as fuel and therefore burns fat to produce energy instead. This creates a metabolic state within your body called ketosis.

During ketosis, your body produces molecules called ketones as an alternative to glucose, to be used as the main energy source for your body.

Without glucose, your body produces significantly less insulin, resulting in a decrease in the storage of fat and an increase in the fat burning within your body.

At Be Fit Food, our weight loss programs result in a mild nutritional metabolic state, which is significantly more sustainable for the human body as there are less restrictions around food intake. 


Popular Keto Meals

At Be Fit Food, the range of programs available to our customers are carefully curated and have been thoroughly tested by dietitians to promote healthier lifestyles and weight loss.

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Be Rapid
7 days

Be Rapid is designed to deliver safe, rapid weight loss, without sacrificing great taste, variety and convenience.

Our most popular program, it uses an evidence-based nutritional approact to help you shed unwanted kilos fast, and is used by both men and women as a quick metabolism reset or weight-loss booster.

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Two Week Metabolic Reset
14 days

This popular program is designed to reset your metabolism for enhanced energy, sleep and wellbeing, and works as a springboard for building long-term healthy eating habits.

It's also fantastic as a rapid weight loss booster, applying evidence-based nutritional science. Average weight lost 5.6kg in two weeks! 

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Intermittent Fasting
Flexible Meal Bundle

This specialised bundle makes it easy to navigate an intermittent fasting eating plan - that is, following a very low-calorie diet just two days per week, and eating as normal the rest of the time.

The Intermittent Fasting Program provides you with 16 meals and 7 snacks - everything you need for your weekly two days of low-calorie meals over a four week period.


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Keto Weight Loss Support

It is well known that keto diets can be difficult, which is why Be Fit Food has created a support group on Facebook for anyone embarking on their weight loss journey.

If you are looking to discuss your experiences with likeminded people, or looking for support during your journey, you will find that the online Be Fit Food keto support group is the right place for you.

This group is available for all our customers, Australia-wide, and aims to provide the support needed to get the most out of your Be Fit Food program.

Is Keto for You?

Our team of dietitians can consult with you to help determine whether a keto diet is suitable for you.

We advise discussing your options with a dietitian and a healthcare professional, to ensure you receive the best keto weight loss results possible.

Anyone considering a keto diet is encouraged to book a free consultation with our dietitians at Be Fit Food. At Be Fit Food, ensuring the physical health and overall wellbeing of our clients is our priority.

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