Warning - Do Not Start Another Diet Without This Vital Information!

Shark Tank Winner Busts the 5 Myths
Around Rapid Weight Loss

Join accredited dietitian and CEO of Be Fit Food Kate Save for this short fact filled presentation where you'll learn:

✓ Exactly which type of diets have the greatest long term weight loss success and why this is the case 

 ✓ The potential dangers of rapid weight loss and how to avoid them

 ✓ What happens to your energy levels if you lose weight rapidly (The answer may surprise you!)

 ✓ Not all very low calorie diets are the same, and how to choose one that is right for your nutritional needs

✓ How a rapid weight loss diet hooked the taste buds, attention and investment of the sharks

The 30-minute webinar will be held on Monday 22nd Sep at 8pm AEST.

With Kate Save
CEO & Co-Founder of Be Fit Food
Accredited Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist & Diabetes Educator

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