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BE 28 Chef’s Selection Small Serve Combo


The Quickest way to order!

The BE Fit Food 28 Meals Small Serve Combo is the quickest way to order fully prepared, portion controlled, small serve healthy meals to have in the freezer for whenever you want an easy, healthy meal. Each meal is only 250 calories, yet has 20g protein and only 20g carbs.

The Chef’s Selection is a sample of our menu and includes 2 of our 8 Veg Frittata, 4 BBQ Lamb, 3 Chicken Hot Pot, 3 Chilli Beef and Beans, 4 Beef Madras Curry or Indian Chicken Curry (Depending on availability), 4 Lasagne, 4 Meatballs, 2 Salmon Al Forno, 2 Thai Chicken


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