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B5:2 Chef’s Selection Combo


The easiest way to do the 5:2 diet

Many people doing the 5:2 diet are not sure what to eat on the 2 “fasting days”, and if what they eat will provide them with the right number of calories. And will this work?? So much uncertainty!! And when they do eat, they really can’t be bothered putting together something small and yet delicious and nutritious.

Let BE Fit Food sort you out. We have the B5:2 diet. We will send you exactly the right number of meals and snacks and calories for you to fast 2 days per week for a whole month.

The B5:2 Chef’s Selection is a sample of our most popular meals on our menu.

Product Description

The B5:2 Chef’s Selection Combos include

an assortment of 16 meals and 8 snacks. This is usually 5 Small Soups, 11 Small Hot Meals, and 8 Snacks (Protein Balls). The Soups and Hot Meals are generally from our meat-containing menu. For the vegetarians we will soon also have B5:2 Vegetarian Chef’s Selection and for the Gluten Intolerant we will have the B5:2 Gluten Free Chef’s Selection. If you want to select your own meals, you should go with “B5:2 U Choose Combo”.

Our Chef’s usually pick out the same meals: they choose our most popular meals, so you get a good idea of what BE Fit Food has to offer. However, from time to time we run out of stock and then will replace a meal with something similar.

This Combo is around 500 calories per day, with around 40g of protein and 40g of carbs for the girls and 600 calories per day, with around 50g of protein and 50g of carbs for the boys. Girls, you might have noticed there will be a snack included that you shouldn’t have on your fasting days, but you can have them as a Good Naughty treat on the other days.

The B5:2 diet

  • Convenient meals
  • Weight loss
  • Taking the thinking out of fasting days
  • providing nutritious and tasty meals

BE Fit Food can take the uncertainty out for you. On the fasting days, you just pull out your fully prepared meal from BE Fit Food. Maybe you want a small lunch and a small dinner. Or maybe just a large dinner. You choose when and how to eat the food of course, but you can be completely happy that you are eating the right amount of food. No more guesswork. We will pack up 2 days of “fasting” food for a whole month. So that’s 8 fasting days in a month, and so it’s 16 Small Serve meals and 8 snacks.

So, if you want a way to lose weight without feeling like you are constantly on a calorie restriction diet, but still have the same weight loss results, then perhaps it’s time to try the B5:2 diet.


for 1 month , that’s 16 meals and 8 snacks, to have you covered for 8 days of fasting,  plus delivery (includes GST).

The B5:2 Chef’s Selection Combo usually includes these meals:

Small Serve Soups: (5)

  • Creamy Cauliflower Leek and Bacon Soup
  • Curried Pumpkin and Chicken Soup
  • Moroccan Lamb, Lentil and Vegetable Soup
  • Mexican Beef and Beans Soup
  • Chicken, Ham and Sweet Corn Soup

Small Serve Hot Meals: (11)

  • 8 Veg Frittata
  • Asian Fish
  • BBQ Lamb (2)
  • Chicken Hot Pot
  • Beef Madras Curry or Indian Chicken Curry (Depending on availability)
  • Lasagne (2)
  • Meatballs
  • Salmon Al Forno
  • Thai Chicken

(1 x 7 pack) Ca-Pow BE Protein Balls
(1) Lemon Cheesecake

And will arrive in a delivery bag looking something like this.


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