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Day 12

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Weight Plateau

Are you into week 2 week of the Refresh Program ™ and experiencing a weight loss plateau? If so, you are not alone. In this week’s episode we discuss how and why your weight fluctuates and what contributes to weight variations. We explain how at the start of your weight loss journey, your body burns stores of carbs and water which weigh more than burning body fat.

Connect hard tasks and obstacles back to their purpose.

This helps you push through and keep going when things are tough.
Every goal comes with hard work and obstacles, and it’s normal for motivation to decrease.
You can stay motivated by giving these difficult times more purpose.

Ways to Measure the Changes in Your Body

If you weigh yourself weekly and don’t see a change from one week to another, this does not mean you have plateaued. It is important to plot weight changes and look at the overall trend. If your weight is tracking down, then you are still losing weight! If it is tracking in a stable line, then it has plateaued.

Weight loss is so much more than the number on a scale. Especially when that number doesn’t give insight into how much more energy someone has, how much better they sleep, maybe their skin is even clearing up and they have better more stable moods.

Let's discuss what it is to lose 2 kilos at this point in the program. 2 kilos of fat is a lot! Fat is not very dense, not like lean muscle. In fact, visceral fat can be suffocating your vital organs. Visceral fat is invisible unless you’ve got an MRI or CT scan showing you exactly where it is. The good news is this type of fat is easy to lose, which means those 2 kilos you’ve lost can be helping your organs function significantly better. Visceral fat can be contributing to elevated cholesterol, high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Reducing visceral fat may not be visible in your appearance but is without a doubt going to make you healthier. Think about the energy in fat: there is 15400 kJ in 2 kilos of fat. If you lost 2 kgs in 7 days, this means you burned through 2200kJ of fat, every single day.

There are ways to track your progress that don't involve scales:
Take your measurements (waist, arms, thighs, bust)
Monitor how your clothes fit
Track the changes in your habits
Think about your energy levels and strength/endurance levels
Make sure you are taking and comparing photos

And most importantly, always measure how you feel!

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*Average 5.89kg lost by 40 Be Fit Food customers over 2 weeks on Be Rapid/Metabolism Reset/Challenge Yourself programs. Individual results may vary and may be impacted by numerous factors including food plan type and individual circumstances and existing health/medical conditions or medications. We advise you to talk to your health professional prior to commencing and during your weight loss journey.
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