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Day 15

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Hiccups are a reminder to take a deep breath! What to do if you've fallen off track

Do you feel like you’ve fallen off track? In this episode we uncover a common misconception associated with weight loss; calories in vs calories out. We discuss how weight loss is linked to metabolism and the 3 tactics to optimise its function.

Be Kind to Yourself

Breaking and Remaking Habits

Cravings occur from expectations. If you routinely eat sweets at a certain time of day, your brain’s reward center, stomach and mouth are preparing themselves for this routine of a sugar hit! And if they don’t receive it, cravings will occur.

Studies have shown that people were more likely to snack on foods such as chocolate, grapes and crackers when they were in arms reach than if they were 6 meters away. A great thing to do is to keep healthy foods on hand instead – another study shows that individuals who kept fruit on their kitchen bench instead of soft drinks, lollies and cereals had a lower BMI.

Replace some of your old habits with new ones! What little changes can you make? And very importantly, accept you're going to slip up eventually and maybe even more than once– no one is perfect! Be kind to yourself – it is not easy making life-long changes.
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*Average 5.89kg lost by 40 Be Fit Food customers over 2 weeks on Be Rapid/Metabolism Reset/Challenge Yourself programs. Individual results may vary and may be impacted by numerous factors including food plan type and individual circumstances and existing health/medical conditions or medications. We advise you to talk to your health professional prior to commencing and during your weight loss journey.
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