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Rainbow and Hills

Day 3

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The hardest day!

Are you experiencing headaches, brain fog, fatigue or irritability? In today’s episode we discuss the common symptoms of the Keto flu. Join us to find out ways to combat these side effects, and to find out why they are worth pushing through!

Today and tomorrow are going to be as hard as it's going to get.


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Keto Flu
The ‘keto-flu’ is a group of symptoms that occur shortly after commencing a ketogenic diet. These symptoms may include headache, brain fog, fatigue and irritability and occur when your body is transitioning into ketosis, which means it will be switching from burning carbohydrates to burning body fat.

The good news is that these symptoms are very short lived! You can expect them to hang around for 3-4 days until you start feeling the benefits of ketosis – energised, suppressed appetite, and better quality sleep!

The best way to help yourself feel better during this period is to:

Stay hydrated

Avoid high intensity exercise
(until you’ve adapted to a change in energy source)

Get adequate sleep

Eat enough each day

And most importantly, keep reminding yourself that this is going to be SO worth it!
A happy and healthy body is most definitely worth the effort.

Fluids to get Through

There are a few things you can be doing to help get you through to ketosis, and to help you start feeling fine again (in fact - better than fine!). Have a listen to our bonus podcast to learn more.
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