B5:2 Diet

Many people doing the 5:2 diet are not sure what to eat on the 2 “fasting days”, and if what they eat the right number of calories. And will this work?? So much uncertainty!! And when they do eat, they really can’t be bothered putting together something small and yet delicious and nutritious.

Let BE Fit Food sort you out. We have the B5:2 diet. Just click on the link below and we will send you exactly the right number of meals and snacks and calories for you to fast 2 days per week for a whole month.

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Chef's Selection Usually Includes

5 Small Serve Soups:

- Creamy Cauliflower Leek and Bacon Soup
- Curried Pumpkin and Chicken Soup
- Moroccan Lamb, Lentil and Vegetable Soup
- Mexican Beef and Beans Soup
- Chicken, Ham and Sweet Corn Soup

11 Small Serve Hot Meals:

- 8 Veg Frittata
- Asian Fish
- BBQ Lamb (x 2)
- Chicken Hot Pot
- Beef Madras Curry or Indian Chicken Curry (Depending on availability)
- Lasagne (x 2)
- Meatballs
- Salmon Al Forno
- Thai Chicken


- Ca-Pow BE Protein Balls (x 8)

"I have tried the bariatric meals for a week from BE Fit Food and was surprised at how varied, tasty, fresh and enjoyable the food was. I was happy to lose a few kilograms, and have kept them off because of a few simple lessons I learned that week. Eat slowly and really enjoy your meals, drink lots of water, and only eat when you are hungry. A great way to kick start a healthier eating pattern!"
-Dr Shaun, GP on Mornington Peninsula
My husband and I have been doing BeFit program for a couple of months and have had significant weight loss. We are a roaming billboard it seems for BeFit as everywhere we go people ask - what have you been doing you look great
I came in 3 weeks ago and was unsure about the small portions, but then I came here after 2 weeks and it “bloody works”. I lost 7kg in 2 weeks!
-Gary Weinert

Frequently asked questions

What is the 5:2 Diet?

The 5:2 diet is where you eat largely the way you want to (or as best as you can) for 5 days per week and “fast” for 2 days. In this diet “fast” means around 500 calories per “fasting” day for women and 600 calories per “fasting” day for men. (This is based on scientific research from around the world by a wide range of highly acclaimed scientists.) This is just one of a range of “Intermittent Fasting” diets.

(The calories for the “fasting” days are based on meeting only 25% of the average metabolic requirements per day.)

There appear to be a wide range of important potential benefits of this eating style
• Good weight loss
o Tends to be loss of fat, but not loss of muscle etc (good news)
o Around 3 to 6% of body weight in some studies, over 6 or more weeks
o Around 11kg in 16 weeks in a CSIRO study
• Decreased risk of Diabetes, cardiovascular disease (eg strokes and heart attacks)
• These diets might even reverse early onset diabetes (ie if diabetes has just developed, then this type of dieting has been shown to be of benefit)
• Better diabetes control
o Easier to keep the blood sugar normal without adding or changing medication
• Benefits especially in the overweight and obese
• Decreased fatty liver and visceral fat (visceral fat is that around the organs in the abdomen and is associated with poor health)
• Decreased blood pressure
• Lower cholesterol
• Improved eating habits

Now we need to make it clear that the science on this type of dieting is still emerging, or in other words, not yet certain.

Why else would you do it?

Apart from scientists, there are also a large number of fans of this eating style. And for a wide range of reasons.

People are saying things like:

- “You start to understand when you’re actually hungry”
- “You really enjoy food a lot more”
- “Wow. flavour is everything!”
- “I really enjoy having no restrictions on some days
- “Because there’s not a constant restriction on your eating, it’s easier to do, I can go out with my friends on the weekend and fast on quiet days during the week and be happy I’m looking after my health”

And, of course, results vary, for example

- “I lost 8kgs in 6 weeks”
- “I lost 15kgs in 8 months”
- “ I lost 14kgs and kept it off”
- “My cholesterol went down and now I’m off my cholesterol medication”
- “My husband and I lost 25kg and 12kgs respectively – it helped with portion sizes, if scales go back we start again.”

They were hoping to…

- Achieve weight loss
- Achieve health benefits
- Have a healthier lifestyle

Doing a 5:2 diet can be really hard

Many people (in the scientific studies) report a wide range of frustrations:

- Very low calorie intake
- Feeling like you cant eat anything
- Bland food
- Planning into each day

They were worried about a few things too:

- Meal planning
- Learning about calories in food
- Being hungry
- Bland food
- How many calories have eaten
- How many calories left

They suggest it would be easier if:

- Wholesome meals
- Flavorsome meals
- Convenient meals would be easier

Some tips for doing a 5:2 diet

Examples of what people eat:

- Boiled egg, apple, carrot, cucumber teaspoon of chia, rice cakes with hummus, zucchini pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan
- Protein Shakes
- Vegetable soups
- Salads and plain protein

Trends in 5:2 Dieters:

- Skip breakfast and have a small lunch and dinner
- Only eat a big dinner
- Some have small snacks throughout day
- Drink lots of tea
- Drink miso soup
- Need to drink lots of water on the fasting day

The B5:2 diet

- Convenient meals
- Weight loss
- Taking the thinking out of fasting days
- providing nutritious and tasty meals

BE Fit Food can take the uncertainty out for you. On the fasting days, you just pull out your fully prepared meal from BE Fit Food. May be you want a small lunch and a small dinner. Or maybe just a large dinner. You choose when and how to eat the food of course, but you can be completely happy that you are eating the right amount of food. No more guesswork. We will pack up 2 days of “fasting” food for a whole month. So that’s 8 fasting days in a month, and so it’s 16 Small Serve meals and 8 snacks.

We will send you either what our Chef’s think you might like based on our most popular dishes (B5:2 Chef’s Selection), or you can choose your own (B5:2 U Choose).


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