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At Be Fit Food, we’re all about empowering you to achieve your weight loss goals through nutritional programs that are effective, convenient and designed to complement busy Melbourne lifestyles. Whether you’re aiming to safely shed weight fast or simply improve your long-term eating habits, these science-backed programs deliver.


The Science

The brainchild of a dietitian and a doctor, our approach is based around a low carb or mild nutritionally ketogenic diet which causes the body to burn stored fat rather than carbs as fuel.

The result is natural weight loss that doesn't compromise your day-to-day nutritional needs.

Many of our happy customers report a range of bonus benefits, such as more sustained energy and improved sleep.


The Team

Created by a team of accredited dietitians, our meals support balanced nutrient intake through controlled portions of real, satisfying food. No planning, shopping, cooking or complex calculations required - we do the hard work for you.

Whether you're after an all-inclusive weight-loss solution or just the occasional pre-made keto meal, delivery Melbourne-wide means you can spend less time worrying about your diet and more time on the important stuff.

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"The food is very tasty and the programs really do work! I'm finally losing weight again after after a long plateau."

- Lana

Popular in Melbourne

popular weight loss meal melbourne

Be Rapid
7 days

Be Rapid is designed to deliver safe, rapid weight loss, without sacrificing great taste, variety and convenience.

Our most popular program, it uses an evidence-based nutritional approact to help you shed unwanted kilos fast, and is used by both men and women as a quick metabolism reset or weight-loss booster.

best weight loss meal melbourne

Two Week Metabolic Reset
14 days

Looking to lose weight while maintaining a physically active lifestyle, or prefer to drop more gradually? Be Lean is for you.

Take the guesswork out of calorie control and enjoy delicious, nutritionally complex meals, with the option of 1000 or 1200 calories per day.

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Intermittent Fasting
Flexible Meal Bundle

Applying the same science-backed approach to weight loss as Be Rapid, Be Fit Man is designed to target the specific nutritional needs of the male metabolism.

The program incorporates 30% more protein through extra snacks and an additional meal each day, so you won't loose out on energy and satisfaction.


Success Stories

At Be Fit Food, we strive to provide our customers with the best options specifically for them. Because of this, our customers have plenty of success stories to share.

9 kg weight loss

18 kg weight loss

25 kg weight loss

Want to see more? Be Fit Food have rapid weight loss programs, as well as gradual weight loss programs.

Let's do this


When you sign up for Be Fit Food, you’re not alone - you’re part of a friendly community that will keep you on track to success. Connect with others on the Be Fit Food journey via our Facebook group, where you can share tips, ideas and support with an active community of fellow fit foodies.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a professional on the go or simply looking to lift your health game, sticking to an eating plan can be a struggle. Connecting with others helps with overcoming challenges, staying committed and meeting like-minded people. 


Achieve Your Goals

When it comes to weight loss meal delivery, Melbourne locals can rely on Be Fit Food for a fully supported experience. Our customers just a phone call away from our team of in-house dietitians, who are ready to offer guidance, resources and clarifications as needed.

We're all about helping you stay focused on achieving your goals, which means making things as easy as possible never leaving you in the dark about how to implement our plans and providing professional support in overcoming hurdles.

"Am just finishing week 3 on the Be Rapid Program and am 8.5kgs down! I'm ecstatic!"

- Bridgette


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