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Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Be Fit Food Meals

Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Be Fit Food Meals

We understand that after a few weeks on Be Fit Food you might be looking for quick and easy ways to change up your favourite meals.

We reached out to our Be Fit Foodie members and staff to discover the many different ways you can freshen up your Be Fit Food meals as you continue on your health & weight loss journey. 

Naked Burrito Bowl with Kaleslaw

Aimee from BFF HQ loves adding the Coles Kaleslaw Kit with her Naked Burrito Bowl. Avoid the dressing and you have yourself a tasty and nutritious BFF approved meal.

Be Fit Food Naked Burrito Bowl 

Trio of Greens Zoodle Soup

We didn't think our Trio of Green Soup could get any more green! Use the Allowed Extras Guide to add 1/2 cup of zucchini noodles to your Trio of Green Soup to bulk it out and add some extra dietary fibre, manganese & vitamin C.

Trio of Green Zoodle Soup

Heated Protein Balls

BFF Adele loves to pop her P.Nutty Protein Ball in the microwave for 10-15 seconds from frozen, the change in texture makes it feel like more of an indulgent dessert.

Heated Protein Ball

Cauliflower San Choi Boa

BFF Kylie from Mum Society loves dishing up her Cauliflower Fried Rice with Chicken as a San Choi Bao with fresh coriander and chilli!

Cauliflower San Choi Bow

Apple Muffin Crumble

BFF Rachelle has shared her AMAZING muffin hack with us: "I saved some of my Apple Cinnamon Muffin, added half of an apple and made my own little Apple Crumble adaption as dessert. Nothing added except a splash of water to cook the Apple, and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. It was really satisfying and I felt like I'd had a nice warm dessert with the family on a rainy night!"

Apple Muffin Crumble

Porridge Protein Pancakes

We are drooling over these porridge protein pancakes! BFF Aarthi adds an egg from the Allowed Extras Guide to her porridge mix to make a pancake mix and tops with a drizzle of honey and berries.

Porridge Protein Pancakes

Head to our private Facebook group for more delicious Be Fit Food meal hacks and to share your own with our BFF community! 


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