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Dietitian Services

Dietitian Subscription for Weight Management

1 x Initial Dietitian consultation (RRP $135)
11 x Review/Follow-up Dietitian consultations (RRP $49 each)
28 Days of Podcasts with Dietitian, Kate Save
1 x Healthy Weight Management eBook
1 x Nutrition and Movement Journal eBook
Monthly email including an article, health tip, recipe
12 x $50 Be Fit Food Voucher* (cost of food additional)

 Annual Value of $1,200+

Annual Membership



Monthly Membership


Charged on the 1st of every month


*Rebates may be available through private health insurance for an annual membership. Click here for more information.

Dietitian Consultation

• 15 minute consult with one of our accredited dietitians
• Personalised advice to help you find the right diet for you while taking into consideration your current health condition(s) and specific dietary requirements to ensure safety and efficiency in your diet


Included with Program Purchase


Specialised Consultations

Specialised Clinical Dietitian Consultation

• 45 minute initial health assessment with an accredited dietitian which can include body fat analysis, blood pressure, girths, current food intake, and exercise history
• Assess your nutritional needs and develop a personalised eating plan
• Provide you with additional information on healthy meals/snacks/shopping lists, reading food labels, and how to choose the best foods when eating out or getting take-away meals in addition to healthy ways to prepare meals at home



Specialised Diabetes Educator Consultation

• 45 minute inital consultation with a credentialled diabetes educator
• Help with bettering understanding the type of diabetes you have been diagnosed with
• Help with finding the best approach in managing your condition based on your current lifestyle and health risks
• We want you to feel confident and empowered in self managing diabetes to reduce the risk of complications