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Optimizing recovery and healing after orthopedic surgery is crucial for optimal outcomes. A well-balanced and nutritious diet is integral for tissue repair, growth, and a speedy recovery post-surgery1. Individuals with increased weight may be at higher risk of complications during and after surgery, therefore weight loss prior to orthopedic surgery may be recommended2.

Additionally, weight loss can alleviate pressure on joints and reduce associated pain2.   Be Fit Food is Doctor and Dietitian designed and provides convenient, healthy meal choices whilst focusing on a real food approach for weight loss pre-surgery. Based on the Mediterranean diet principles, Be Fit Food meals are nutritionally balanced containing plenty of high-quality anti-inflammatory ingredients to assist with recovery post-surgery. 



Prep Phase

Our Metabolism Reset 14 Day program before your orthopedic surgery can help you lose around 5kg* in two weeks. Weight loss prior to surgery can reduce risks associated both during and after surgery and assist in alleviating pain and pressure on joints.

14 Breakfasts, 14 Lunches,
14 Dinners,
28 Snacks (4 x 7 Snack Packs)
& Control by MEND


Acute Phase

During the 2 weeks post-surgery it’s important to adhere to a real food approach that's nutritionally balanced and contains high-quality anti-inflammatory ingredients to assist with healing and recovery post-surgery. During this phase we will provide you with our Metabolism Reset 14 Day program, this has been scientifically designed to be based on the Mediterranean diet, a known anti-inflammatory diet. 

14 Breakfasts, 14 Lunches,
14 Dinners,
 28 Snacks (4 x 7 Snack Packs)
& Joint Replacement by MEND


Recovery Phase

Good nutrition and good quality protein in the diet is essential for your long-term recovery. During this phase we will provide our Metabolism Reset 14 Day program, so the stress is taken out of cooking and preparing meals while you recover. 

14 Breakfasts, 14 Lunches,
14 Dinners,
 28 Snacks (4 x 7 Snack Packs)
& Repair & Recover by MEND


Maintenance Phase

Our 28 Meal bundle post-surgery is a convenient way to ensure you have healthy meals ready to go during maintenance. We suggest having 1-2 meals per day to help with optimising recovery post-surgery and reduce inflammation associated with the stress of surgery. 

28 x Main Meals
& Regenerate by MEND


We recommend booking in a consult with our dietitians before starting.


Convenience post-surgery

  • Post-surgery, rest and recovery is of the upmost importance1. Therefore, cooking and eating healthy, nutritious meals can become a difficult task.   
  • Eating a nutritious diet is integral for optimal recovery, and a high protein diet is important to help prevent the risk of infection post-surgery2.   
  • This is where Be Fit Food can ensure you’re meeting your nutritional needs whilst enjoying the convenience of pre-made meals for optimal recovery. Each meal contains 20g of protein, a minimum of 4-12 vegetables and snap-frozen to lock in all the nutrients.   

real food approach


  • Be Fit Food provides a whole, real food alternative to bars and shakes.   
  • Eating real foods as opposed to meal replacement shakes and bars to lose weight peri-operatively provides a sustainable, healthy, and effective approach to weight loss that also produces long-lasting results3
  • Be Fit Food meals taste great and are based on nutritional science to ensure the proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for your body to burn its fat stores for fuel.  



  • Surgery is stressful for the body. Stress can cause inflammation and disrupt processes that can affect the body’s ability to heal. Additionally, inflammation contributes to orthopedic conditions1.  
  • An anti-inflammatory diet consists of minimally processed foods that are nutrient-dense and rich in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body. Consuming an anti-inflammatory diet pre-surgery may help reduce pain associated with orthopedic conditions4.   
  • Be Fit Food meals are made from a wide variety of high-quality seasonal vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds rich in important antioxidants, that can reduce the impact of inflammation on the body.   



For moderating blood sugars to balance energy and mood.

This potent nature-powered formula optimizes the sugar levels in your body. It stops the spikes and crashes caused by processed food and hidden sugars, helping to balance your mood and energy. It can assist in maintaining steady sugar levels to stop cravings, feel fuller for longer, and reach your weight goal.


Disclaimer: Mend Products -These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We strongly advise you to talk to your health care professional prior to taking supplements.  


Not sure where to start with Be Fit Food? No problem!

Our Dietitians can help you understand how to include Be Fit Food as part of your pre and post surgery, plus choose which meals or programs are best suited to your dietary requirements and taste preferences.

We offer complimentary Dietitian consultations to help you get started with Be Fit Food. These appointments can be booked online or by calling our Customer Service team. 



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Alongside our range of weight-loss meals and programs, we are the first NDIS Provider to have a range of meals that have been co-created with the CSIRO to work with the CSIRO Low Carb Diet.

In clinical studies, the CSIRO Low Carb Diet has shown these benefits compared to a traditional high carbohydrate, low fat, diet:

✓ Improved metabolic health and blood glucose control

✓ Effective Type 2 Diabetes prevention and management

✓ Reduction in risk factors for heart disease

To find out more about the CSIRO Low Carb Diet and how it might work for your lifestyle, visit the CSIRO website.

CSIRO Lifestyle Range