Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Be Fit Food is about more than healthy meals...we’re also about giving you the tools and education that you need to help develop healthier (and long-lasting!) habits.

Healthier habits can be learned by simply being consistent over time, and while this is much easier said than done for most of us (!), Be Fit Food are here to help.

Be Fit Food meals are designed to help you understand what makes up a healthy meal, so you can keep using this formula when you are back to cooking for yourself. Think of it like a healthy eating framework that you can use for the rest of your life!

One place where people get stuck is the psychological reasons that we use food – for those things other than actual nutrition – such as comfort eating, eating as a reward, and celebrating to name a few. Having a plan in place to deal with these situations is absolutely key to your success, and luckily we have a team of dietitians well-versed in strategies to help navigate the world of eating-out and special occasions!

When you do a Be Fit Food program, you have access to free consultations with our Dietitian who can provide personalized advice and recommendations for your health goals. We also have evidence-based articles and blogs you can read to give you tips and tricks for living a healthier lifestyle.

We also have an incredible Facebook group called the Be Fit Foodies – an army of people who have done, or are doing, Be Fit Food. If you’re in need of motivation or information, this is a great starting point from people with goals like yours, who know what you’re going through.

We love to hand-hold our customers on their health and wellbeing journey and are here for you every step of the way! Chat to one of our dietitians who can personalize a program and make it work for you. Dietitian consultations are free, over-the-phone, appointments that can be booked online and you can book these at any stage in your journey.  


Our Dietitians are here to support you on your health journey, whether you want to lose 2kg or 20kg! Consultations are done over the phone and take around 15 minutes. So pop on the kettle, and book a chat with one of our team, to start planning how you can eat yourself better.