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How to Use the Recommended Extras Guide

How to Use the Recommended Extras Guide

Not only does utilising the Recommended Extras Guide help keep hunger at bay and add extra nutrients to your daily meal plan, taking advantage of the little extras you’re can help spice up your meal, add volume as well as variety!

Here are a few little tips to help you make the most of our recommended extras when on a Be Fit Food program:

Don’t underestimate the power of herbs

Adding your favourite herbs to your BFF meals gives you extra nutrients (many important nutrients are found in fresh herbs), freshens up your meals and gives you that extra flavour bursts without the calories.

Load up on your veggies

A great option for adding in your allowed serves of veg is to defrost your meals and cook on the stovetop. In doing so, you can cut up extra vegetables, garlic if you wish, and add other ingredients such as lemon, spices and fresh herbs. Some suggestions include spiralising zucchini, slicing capsicum, mushrooms, extra onion, carrot, broccoli, and other greens such as bok choy. These ingredients are really easy to add into meals on the stove top and significantly bulk out your meal. Alternatively, sautéing some sliced veg on a fry-pan to have on the side is a great idea or creating a side salad. There are endless options to creating interesting side dishes so go on, get creative!

Protein, Protein, Protein

While fruits are excellent snacks and are great sources for a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre, protein snacks can provide even greater satiety than some other snack options. If you find you are getting hungry on the program, which shouldn’t be the case if in mild-nutritional ketosis, try adding in a protein snack from our protein suggestions. As we digest protein, we actually burn calories which results in greater satiety. What’s more, adding a good quality protein snack will further support the muscle mass as well as further assist in getting you into mild-nutritional ketosis.

Get creative with combining ingredients

You don’t just have to glance at our allowed extras list and pick a singular-items for snacks or additional serves of veg. You can get creative with combining all sorts of things you’re allowed to have! Try making a salad with a tin of tuna (spring water) it almost becomes a full meal! You can flavour this with any of the allowed spices or condiments such as lemon juice and fresh herbs. Another alternative could be making some veggie sticks and having that with a serve of hummus. You can definitely create little recipes combining ingredients from the allowed extras which helps keep things interesting, healthy and tasty!

Getting your fluids in.

Something we strongly emphasise on our programs is making sure you’re consuming enough water for adequate hydration. This can be incredibly difficult for some however, some helpful tips to boost water intake can include having herbal teas, infusing water or having carbonated water and flavouring it with natural ingredients such as cucumber, mint, citrus fruit slices and berries.

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