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BFF is Going Dry this July!

BFF is Going Dry this July!

We love a good challenge here at Be Fit Food HQ, and we’re pretty sure there isn’t a bigger challenge for most of us than giving up the booze for an entire month! Signing up to Dry July this year will not only raise some much-needed funds for the Cancer Council, but it’s also the perfect time of the year to pair it with a week or two of Be Fit Food and really give our bodies the metabolism reset they need.

If you’re thinking about signing up to Dry July but need some extra motivation, then these added health benefits of skipping alcohol for a month might do the trick.

Weight loss

Alcohol is incredibly high in calories and provides no nutritional value. Which is why it is referred to as an empty calorie. Drinking one to two drinks daily can easily add 150 to 300 calories to your daily caloric intake, whilst a night out with heavy drinking can double your caloric intake for the day.

Alcohol also has an immediate effect on our liver and will cause a cessation of fat burning by instead burning the alcohol in your system which our bodies perceive as a poison. Your body will then store the energy from any food consumed whilst your body metabolises the alcohol as a priority, which means any food you consume while you have alcohol in your system will be stored until the alcohol has been metabolised!

Save money

Alcohol can have a hefty impact on our household budgets! The average cost of alcohol a year for each Australian household is $1664, so cutting out the booze for a month will not only raise money for a good cause, but also help keep your wallet fuller.

Other Benefits to expect when you stop drinking:


Convinced? To sign up for your own Dry July challenge head to to register or to donate to the Be Fit Food team head here:

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