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How Be Fit Man helped Jim

How Be Fit Man helped Jim

I’m in hospitality and I work crazy hours so I have always struggled with my weight. 12 months ago I actually hit 106kg and thought something needed to change, I had tried BFF before and found it worked for me so I had another go at it and this time no excuses or half efforts. With a determined effort I found myself sub 100kg for the first time in years so I maintained the eating habits and used BFF for mainly quick lunches but always dinner. Using BFF part time by May this year I was sitting at 95-96kg with no exercise just diet. BFF recently challenged me to do a 14 day program (breakfast lunch dinner and snacks) to help get me to a goal weight of 90kg. Week 1 results were a little disappointing and I admit I thought that getting this gut fat off would take some effort but I soldiered on and I literally woke up on day 12 and pulled my belt in another notch… the last notch available and just felt different. The weight just dropped off me.

The advice I can offer

  1. You must be 100% committed to get these results.
  2. Excuses are apologies for laziness.I learned to eat right without changing my job. My job was an excuse

    I learned that it’s diet not exercise and “middle age spread” is about your eating habits. Challenge yourself so you have a goal.

  3. Do not weigh yourself every day as the mental journey can be harder than the temptation to cheat
  4. If you stay on the journey you will drop kilos, learn how to eat properly and feel amazing in your own body, something I am experiencing again for the first time in over 10 years.

I never thought I could get to 85kg but this is my new goal – challenge accepted!

From the team at BFF, we know Jim can reach his goal and would love to help you on your weight loss journey. To get started please find out more information on Be Fit Man or give us a call.

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