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Supporting those who are staying home

Supporting those who are staying home

We would like to thank all the health care workers and everyone involved with stopping the virus spread across Australia. Be Fit Food would like to do their part as a Doctor and Dietitian designed food company, by continuing to deliver and offer a range of healthy, snap fresh frozen, high protein meals that are nourishing and contain 4-12 different vegetables, to the community and around Australia.

We understand in this time that self isolation and staying at home will help control the spread of the virus to friends, the wider community, and particularly the most vulnerable and the elderly, so we have included some information on how you can stay healthy and nourished during this unprecedented time.

How do I look after myself during this time?

  • Eat healthy food regularly eg. fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, yogurt, wholegrain crackers and cheese, peanut butter on toast, cut up vegetables with hummus, boiled egg or scrambled eggs, tin salmon/tuna/mackerel or sardines or whip up some fruit smoothies
  • When preparing meals make sure you include lean protein, lots of vegetables and whole-grains and cook with healthy fats
  • Keep a self-reflective journal
  • Call a loved one or friend
  • Do some light exercises as advised by your health professional
  • Sleep well
  • Read a book
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed organise a telehealth consultation with a psychologist or talk to your GP

 How can I look after others less fortunate than myself?

  • Prepare your loved ones some meals. If you prefer not to - for hygiene reasons, you could organise a home delivery of some Be Fit Food meals, which are hygienically prepared and delivered.
  • Check in on them and phone or facetime them
  • Take them to their appointments

You can place an order on our website at or call 1300 263 257. You can also email

Please speak to your health care provider before starting a weight loss journey or a new diet.

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