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Tips & Tricks to Avoid Overeating

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Overeating

For many people, avoiding the temptation to overeat can be a huge challenge and is often the bad habit that has caused unwanted weight gain. Whether it’s portion sizes, helping yourself to second serves or over snacking in between meals, these extra calories can have a huge impact on helping you reach or maintain your health and weight goals.

Breaking the habit of overeating can be a daunting task, however these helpful tips and tricks are easy health hacks that can help you curb your hunger and stop yourself from reaching for a second plate.


  1. Eat a few thin slices of apple before each meal to help curb your hunger. Research shows this can decrease total calories consumed by around 200kcal per meal!


  1. Drink 2 cups of water, 15min prior to meals to help rehydrate the body as dehydration can be mistaken for hunger and can lead to overeating at meal times.


  1. Boil the kettle and put on a pot of your favourite herbal before you sit down for dinner. Once you’ve finished your meal, quickly exit the kitchen with your tea and allow your brain the 20mins it needs to feel full whilst you are distracted from serving up seconds.


  1. Liquorice tea is a great option for sweet cravings as it is intensely sweet and strangely does NOT taste like liquorice, but it will satisfy you without the calories.


  1. If after dinner snacking is an issue, then as soon as you finish your meal, go for a brisk 20min walk outdoors (rain, hail or shine!) to divert blood flow from the stomach and to the muscles which results in making you feel less hungry and allows for the stretch response from meals to reach the brain before you overeat.


  1. Fibre is a great way to fill up. It also reduces blood sugar levels, which can reduce insulin levels in the blood that often leads to weight gain and sugar cravings too. For added fibre in your diet, add 1-2 teaspoons of psyllium husks to meals (porridge, cereals, yoghurt, soups) or liquids (water, smoothies, ½ strength juices) to suppress your appetite and improve bowel habits.


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