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NDIS Meal Providers

NDIS Meal Providers

Be Fit Food Are NDIS Meal Providers

At Be Fit Food we are excited to announce we are now a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Meal Provider. Our vision is to help all Australians to eat themselves better! As a registered NDIS provider, we can now provide assistance with the cost and delivery of meals to NDIS participants Australia-wide.

Why We Are Proud to Be NDIS Meal Providers

We want everyone to have access to affordable, nutrient-dense, and portion-controlled meals. Everyone knows someone who is on an NDIS care plan. We want to help at-risk Australians to access meals and meal programs that have significant positive health outcomes.

We believe free support and food delivery for disabled adults is essential and want to encourage and empower participants to take control of their health. We are passionate about changing the lives of Australians and we have real-life stories about how our programs have supported and empowered Australians to improve their health and their lives.

“I have finally hit 40.4kg lost... I am so grateful to of found be fit food and have been able to finally lose this weight. It is so easy, you don’t need to think about what food to eat, as it's all there for you...Could not have stayed on track without constant check-ins from the Dietitian..”

How Our NDIS Meals Work

Our eligible NDIS customers provide a small co-payment of 25%. We have addressed the main barriers that many NDIS managed Australians face when it comes to healthy eating such as food preparation, food access, affordability, time constraints, and food knowledge.

We provide free dietitian support which we believe is essential to help Australians achieve and sustain weight loss while being educated on the importance of nutrient-dense, whole food diets , and portion control.

Why Choose Be Fit for NDIS Meals

Our meals are made fresh then snap frozen to lock in nutrients and delivered straight to your doorstep. Be Fit Food can benefit people under an NDIS care plan with weight loss and improvements in blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin resistance.

Not only are there great changes in biochemical outcomes but other health benefits include improved energy levels, mood, and enhanced sleep quality.

If you are someone on an NDIS care plan or know someone who is, reach out to the Be Fit Team to allow us to help get you started on this journey. We are in this together!

Visit the Be Fit Food Shop and discover our range today.

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