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We’ve heard it countless times before. When health professionals, weight-loss advisors, nutritionists and Dietitians are posed with the question from clients, “How can I stop myself from feeling hungry?”, “Why do I feel so tired” or “What can I do to further assist my weight loss efforts”? One of answers will be to ensure adequate hydration.   

As we all know, hunger cues can quite easily be confused with thirst and therefore, having a glass of water can switch off what you may believe to be nagging hunger signals. However, this is not the only benefit to consuming sufficient water while trying to lose weight. Water is the main substance the body requires to efficiently remove waste out of the system, particularly when metabolising fat during weight loss. Water also acts as an appetite suppressant, boosts your metabolism, helps you burn calories and boosts energy levels. This is because water is essential for the support of bodily functions and chemical processes.  

Water intake is also essential for a healthy gut and digestion which we know is important for healthy weight maintenance and even more-so, weight loss.   

The amount of water you need to maintain hydration depends on your age and activity level. If you are a healthy adult under the age of 65 years, you require 35-45ml per kilo of body weight. If you are engaging in physical activity, make sure to have more to replenish stores lost through exercise.  

For many of our customers, consuming water can be difficult. By following these ten tips, it will help you boost your hydration levels.  

Ten tips to increase your water intake and boost hydration:  

  1. Carry a water bottle everywhere 
    Particularly one that is a litre size. If you get a bottle that has a spout you can easily sip from, you’ll find your water consumption increases dramatically. Half the issue is having access to water when feeling thirsty, so make sure you carry some with you everywhere you go! 
  2. Add some citrus 
    Try adding lemon, lime and even orange. Cut these fruits into slices add to your water to sip on throughout the day. Citrus infused water actually encourages you to drink more. 
  3. Drink Herbal teas 
    Many people don’t realise that herbal tea consumption actually contributes toward your daily intake. Not only this, but herbal teas having many benefits including stress relief, added nutrients and improved digestion.

  4. Infuse water with different fruits, vegetables and herbs 
    Cucumber, mint, berries even basil! Simply consuming plain water can be incredibly bland for some  

  5. Carbonate your water 
    Soda water is simply just water with gas added to it so it does not add any extra calories and may make you feel as though you’re having a more exciting beverage! This is a good tip for those who like soft drinks. Combine this tip with points 2 or 4 – you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

  6. Slowly sip throughout the day 
    If it gets to the end of the day and you realise you’ve only managed to have 1 or 2 glasses, guzzling down a litre at once won’t actually be effective. Our cells will only use a small amount of water at a time, so once filled, the remaining fluid will be excreted through the urine. Therefore, drink consistently throughout the day and aim for 1 glass per hour over the hour.

  7. Limit caffeinated beverages & alcohol 
    Caffeinated beverages and alcohol act as diuretics meaning consumption causes your kidneys to let more water out of the system. Limit your intake to prevent this from happening, or ensure you’re adding more water to your day if consuming these beverages to compensate for potential water loss. 

  8. Have a glass of water immediately upon rising  
    As soon as you wake up, have a glass of water. Having a glass of water helps to helps to boost digestion and metabolism and rehydrates you. 

  9. Eat high water foods 
    A little known fact to many is that food actually counts towards your overall fluid intake as well. Aim for high-water foods such as celery, tomatoes, berries, cucumbers and soups (particularly broth soups) if consuming plain water is difficult for you. 

  10. Set an alarm  
    Many people actually forget to drink water! Setting an alarm whether it’s on a phone, laptop, watch or clock to remind you to have a glass is very useful for some. There are even some apps you can download now to prompt you to drink water.

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