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Experiencing a Weight Loss Plateau

Experiencing a Weight Loss Plateau

The amount of weight loss each person experiences in the first week of our programs will be different, as will the weight loss throughout the entirety of the program. Typically, in the first or second week of Be Rapid you may experience a ‘big drop’ – this is mostly water weight. After this, you may notice smaller drops thereafter – this is an insignificant insight to how you are tracking to determine your actual weight loss average and success on the program. This is because each week you can experience different results as your body adjusts to the changes. It’s much more accurate to determine your average weight loss by dividing your total weight loss by how many weeks you have done the program. A weight loss anywhere from 0.5-2kg per week is considered successful weight loss.

 Are you really in a weight loss plateau?

  • Have you stayed the same weight for more than two weeks? 
  • If you have stayed the same weight, have you adhered to the program 100% or are there improvements you could make?
  • Are you exercising? When you exercise you build muscle mass, and muscle weighs more than body fat. Make sure you are taking measurements or complete a body composition. 
  • It is also normal for weight loss to plateau at times. It is a complex process and each person experiences his or her own unique weight loss journey. It is important to stay motivated to push past the ‘plateau’. 

Motivation exercise to keep you accountable when you aren’t feeling it 

First thing you need to do is acknowledge your current reality. Write everything you feel about today’s weight and how today’s weight makes you feel? How did you feel when you got dressed this morning? Describe what you saw in the mirror? How are your energy levels at today’s weight?

Now, documenting your vision! Write everything about your goal weight. How do you best describe how you will feel at your goal weight? How will you feel when you get dressed in the morning or for an outing? What size will you be wearing? What are you looking forward to wearing in that size? How will your energy levels be at your goal weight?

You Choose 

Now that you have detailed everything about your Current Reality and your Vision answer the following questions: 

  • Which of the above is most important to you?
  • Why is that one more important to you?
  • How important is it to you?
  • What do you need to do differently to achieve this?

Measuring your success 

Success is measured in so many different ways, not just by the number on the scales. Think about the other things that have changed in your life. Since starting the program, how does your life look different? What positive changes have you made since starting Be Fit Food? What benefits have you gained in the areas of life most important to you?

Are you wanting some more answers or further support? We’re here to help! Give us a call on 1300 263 257 or email our dietitians at 

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