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Habits for Losing Weight | Be Fit Food

Habits for Losing Weight | Be Fit Food

In today's stressful and chaotic lifestyles, our diet and activity levels can get put on the back burner, with little time to prepare a healthy meal or spend an hour at the gym. We can easily fall into the presumption that weight loss or exercise is too hard, or takes up too much time. Unfortunately, if you continue on this cycle of belief, you could gain up to 1 kilo per month - leaving you with 12 unwanted kilos at the end of the year.

Instead of taking the all or nothing approach to weight loss or healthy eating, take the approach of changing simple things in your life which will help you sustain or manage your weight and your health. 

Here is a list of simple strategies you can incorporate into your day to help you make simple changes toward a healthier lifestyle: 

  • Taking your runners to work and walk 10 -20 minutes on your lunch break 
  • Use a stand up desk at work in an office job
  • Break up your activity in 10 minute bursts three times a day and that will equate to 30 minutes each day! Jog on the spot, skip, star jumps, squats, push ups, sit ups, download a fitness app 
  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier in the morning to practice mindfulness
  • Park your car further away from work, shops, train station so you can get more steps 
  • Use stairs instead of lifts and elevators
  • Commit with a friend or work colleague to increase activity 
  • Walk to the supermarket to get your lunch rather than the local cafe, it will be cheaper and healthier if you grab a salad, tin of tuna and a piece of fruit
  • Take a packed lunch. Prepare a lunch the night before work, it could be as simple as a sandwich made from low carbohydrate bread, with a handful of lettuce and 20g slice of cheese. Refrain from over thinking a ‘healthy’ lunch
  • Take a small handful of nuts wherever you go, so that if you get hungry you can eat on the run, rather than overeating on an impulse. Here's a handy guide on different nuts and their benefits
  • Take a water bottle with you wherever you go!
  • Get 6-8 hours of sleep at night
  • Get less screen time 1-2 hours before bed 
  • Drink less alcohol 
  • When grocery shopping, shop around the outside isles, as this is where all the healthier, wholefoods are stocked
  • Eat regularly and avoid skipping meals as this can make us overeat at our next meal

If you're just starting out on a better health journey, choose one strategy each week and build from there. Check out our Be Rapid weekly programs for low carb, high protein prepared meals that are scientifically formulated for rapid weight loss

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