Dietitian Consultation
Dietitian Consultation
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Dietitian Consultation

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How It Works

Select the Program to Suit Your Goals

Choose between a variety of weight loss programs, meal bundles and individual meals.

Snap-Frozen Meals Delivered to Your Door

Our snap-frozen meals are conveniently delivered to your door ready for you to enjoy.

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Why Be Fit Food

  • Doctor & Dietitian designed
  • Scientifically formulated for health improvement
  • Snap frozen, nutritionally balanced meals
  • Low-carb, high protein with 4-12 veggies in every serve
  • Real food approach to weight loss
  • Assists to improve gut health
  • Achieves mild ketosis for effective body fat reduction
  • Available through the NDIS & Home Care Packages

Improving the Quality of Your Diet Can Help to:

Lose Weight
Increase Energy Levels
Lower Blood Pressure
Educate Portion Control
Reset Your Metabolism
Improve Health and Wellbeing
Enhance Sleep
Develop Healthy Eating Habits

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