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A Handy Guide to Protein Packed Snacks

A Handy Guide to Protein Packed Snacks

Wondering why protein-rich snacks are so important when you’re trying to lose weight? If you lower your carbohydrate intake and correspondingly increase protein, it will promote greater satiety, resulting in feeling fuller for longer and decreasing hunger levels. This encourages healthy weight loss, whilst maintaining muscle mass.

Our top protein-packed snacks will help you fight your cravings and keep your hunger levels at bay, whilst giving you the energy to smash your day.

How many servings of snacks you can have each day depends on what program you’re on and your level of daily exercise. Get in touch with one of our dietitians via for a tailored daily plan that’s perfect just for you.


Serving size


High Protein Greek Yoghurt


– Chobani FIT (any flavour)

– Chobani 0.5% Fat Yoghurt

– Yo-Pro (any flavour)

– Dairy Dream Hi Protein  Natural Yoghurt (Aldi)

– Procal Icelandic SKYR Plain Yoghurt 0.4% Fat









These yoghurts are a great source of protein and calcium and contain no added sugar.


Being yoghurt, make sure you store it in a fridge.

Protein Bars


– Musashi Low Carb Protein bar

– Aussie Bodies Lo Carb bars




30g Musashi Low Carb Protein Bar

30g Aussie Bodies Lo Carb

Easy on the go snacks; however they do contain artificial sweeteners which can cause some people gut discomfort/irritability
Low Fat Cottage Cheese  100g  


Use it as a dip with sliced up carrot, cucumber or capsicum sticks. Refreshing snack and packed full of protein.


Cheese 25g  


Use sliced cucumber as a base with the slices to substitute a cracker.


Low Fat Sliced Ham 100g  


Roll some slices of ham up in carrot stick or veggies of your choice for a refreshing an easy snack packed with protein


Roasted chicken breast 70g  


Very high in protein and is nice to eat cold or to mix with salad 1-2 cups of salad


Tuna 100g tuna in spring water  


Mix with some spinach, shredded lettuce and red onion to make an easy on the go salad.

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