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Does Losing Weight as a Couple Help or Hinder?

Does Losing Weight as a Couple Help or Hinder?

Most have us can agree that taking on a new diet or eating plan can become the ultimate challenge of willpower if our partner is eating a big plate of home cooked lasagne right next to us. So, does it become easier to change your eating habits if your partner is taking them on too?

Studies have demonstrated that romantic partners have a major impact on each other’s diet and weight loss. It means each person’s goals, actions, and routines, are influenced and shaped by the actions of their partner which naturally leads to partners having influence over one another’s decisions and health-related behaviours.

These behaviours can be both negative and positive. You share meals together and adapt similar eating habits. Many couples can become ‘comfortable’ and complacent, leading to more dessert dates and take-away nights on the couch… or simply eating an entire block of Cadbury chocolate while watching MAFS. It’s no surprise that it’s so common for couples to slowly gain some unwanted kilos over time.

Partners in Dine!

Partners can be extremely supportive and help you to achieve your goals. This is known as partner facilitation. If your goal is to eat healthier, your partner may help to plan healthy meals for the week and eat the meals with you. Partners can also help to control the food environment at home, agreeing to keeping ‘junk’ food out of the house and not bringing home take-away.

It is also important to make sure you’re honest and open with your partner about what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. It has been shown that individuals who communicate with their partner about their weight loss goals have a higher confidence in their ability to achieve their weight loss goals.

The Ultimate Way to Get Results Together

The best thing your partner can do, is to join in on your weight loss with you! Cue our Couples Box, which enables you to enjoy a weight loss journey together and improve your health as a couple. There is considerable evidence that partners who coordinate their weight loss programs have more successful weight loss than tackling it alone.


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