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Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Every bride-to-be wants to feel and look their very best on their wedding day but it’s important to realise that pre-wedding weight loss diets can often cause even more stress, which is the last thing you need or want when you’re running around and planning your perfect day.  A lot of fad diets that we tend to turn to can be hard to stick to, can decrease metabolism, are often imbalanced in nutrients, and generally tend to cause weight regain post-diet.

Wedding planning always involves a lot of food, with cake tastings, hens nights, and trialling all the food and wine. So we’ve come up with some tips and tricks for getting by without missing out on all the fun.

Portions are key!

Keep your portion sizes small by just having a couple of sampling bites rather than finishing off the whole portion. One or two mouthfuls of cake are a whole lot different to a whole piece! We know it is exciting, but keeping control over what you put in your mouth is key. If you know you are going to be indulging in wedding cakes and sweet treat sampling, try to prepare for this by leaving out your afternoon snack to make up for some of the calories, and ensuring you stick to the meal program before and afterwards to keep yourself on track.

Raise a glass

The next tricky one is alcohol. Wedding time is a time of celebration, and let’s be honest, at a time of celebration there are most likely  a few champagnes involved! You only get these experiences once- so treat yourself! As for the rest of the time, try to stay clear of alcohol as much as possible. Alcohol can hinder your weight loss, and can also cause you to crave sugar and high carbohydrate foods, resulting in a binge. Alcohol is super energy-dense, it enhances appetite and it provides lots of sugar. Don’t deny yourself of alcohol when celebrating just try to have it in moderation or with better choices – perhaps a G&T rather than a glass of champagne. And when sampling wines for your wedding reception, again just a sip not the whole glass!

Your dream dress

Fitting into your dream dress is a great motivational tool for weight loss. Try to avoid buying a dress that is unrealistically small, as this can lead to disappointment. However, if you decide to diet with one of our Be Fit Food meal programs, you have a high chance of losing weight, so pick a dress size that is smaller than your starting size, inform your dressmaker so they can let you know what alterations are possible on your dress, and make sure you schedule a fitting a couple of weeks before your wedding to account for any last minute weight loss.

How Be Fit Food can help you reach your goals?

Be Fit Food can provide you with a healthy and wholesome meal program that can not only help you to lose weight before your big day, but can improve long-term heath by resetting metabolism and optimising your nutritional status. Whatever your time scale until your wedding, we have you covered, however we like to think of our program as an educational lifestyle change, more than a diet. So if you’re wanting to lose weight and keep that weight off after your wedding, the portion size control and philosophy we drive through our programs will help you shift your eating habits for long term results.

What do we offer?

We have a few meal program options, including Be Rapid, Be Lean 1000 & Be Lean 1200. We even have Be Fit Man if you want to get your groom-to-be on board! Be Fit Food meals have been scientifically designed by a doctor and dietitian, with a real food approach to weight loss and healthy low carb living. Every meal is based on the principles of the low carb diet, which is approximately 50-70 grams of carbohydrates per day. This is supported by the science of CSIRO, containing as many plant-based ingredients as possible from all five-food groups. Each meal contains real and wholesome ingredients, including 4-12 vegetables, no added sugar, low sodium, moderate protein and healthy fats.

If you think Be Fit Food sounds like the right program for you, you can shop our meal plans here, or ask to speak to one of our Dietitians on what is the best approach for you by emailing Remember to relax, and enjoy your wedding, at the end of the day having all your loved ones around you celebrating your love is the most important thing!

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