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Why Prepared Meals Can Be The Best Gift For New Parents

Why Prepared Meals Can Be The Best Gift For New Parents

When you’re frayed on all edges, exhausted, emotional, and putting your new baby first, even the smallest task can feel like a huge hurdle. Generally speaking, it can also be difficult for new parents to prioritise healthy eating or even remembering to eat at all! New parents tend to consume more take-away or high fat, energy dense foods out of convenience, which can potentially lead to overspending, weight gain, fatigue, undernourishment (and weight loss) and stress. 

New mum’s may also be recovering from the trauma of the birth and recovering internally, standing, driving and the ability to shop, prepare, cook and clean may also become difficult. Some mum’s may also be deficient in some nutritional markers after the birth such as low iron, thus making new mum’s lethargic, fatigued and breathlessness. On top of all these considerations, 80% of women may develop the ‘baby blues’, known as postnatal depression. Symptoms of this may include, but are not limited to, low self-esteem, guilt, feeling of inadequacy, sleeping difficulties and panic attacks. Partners can also develop depression before and after the birth of a child.

Family and friends can have an important role to play to assist new parents transition into their new lives, they say it takes a village for very good reason! Thoughtful things you can do to contribute is to help them with the house work, offer to babysit, give the new parents time shower or sleep, or supply them with a range of healthy prepared meals. 

New parents will be incredibly grateful for a Be Fit Food meal bundle. It’s the perfect gift, as each meal is snap fresh frozen to lock in all the nutrients, cooked using whole foods, are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, low in sodium, and packed full of veggies! The meals just need to be pulled from the freezer, and heated in the microwave or stove top for as little as 5 minutes, ready to eat while the baby sleeps! This is a great idea if you are also looking to get a baby shower gift, meal bundles start at $74.95. 

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