These 3 eating plans will cover the needs of most people wanting to lose weight or live a more healthy life. But perhaps you’re not sure what will work best for you? If you’re not sure, consult with a dietitian or your GP prior to commencing one of our diets. Also, we have a team of dietitians who are able to give you expert, personalised advice.

For children, there can be specific requirements when trying to control calorie intake: meeting nutritional needs for vital development must be achieved.

For general healthy eating in children without calorie restriction or weight loss, it is usually completely appropriate to provide BE Fit Food to children. Indeed as it is nutritious and healthy food, but low in calories, it is clearly preferable to most readily available foods. However, please check with your dietitian or medical specialist if there are any concerns.

As a general guide children usually require BE ACTIVE.

This food is not specifically intended to be used for weight loss in children. However, under the supervised guidance of a dietitian or medical specialist, with proper, individualized ammendments if required prior evaluation.

Please consult your medical specialist, GP or dietitian for advice regarding weight loss in children.

Teenagers will generally require BE PUMPED. However, this should be reviewed before commencing this diet with a dietitian and regularly reviewed.

If you are elderly and would like to eat healthy food, you will most likely require BE ACTIVE.

There is a long list of conditions that benefit from very healthy eating and weight loss. BE Fit Food is generally suitable for most of these conditions including diabetes, a number of heart conditions, Metabolic Syndrome (or Syndrome X), high blood pressure, high cholesterol and lipids, rehabilitation, lactating mums, pregnancy, preparing for and recovering from surgery, living in a wheel chair, spinal cord injury, etc. Choosing the most suitable plan for you might involve getting expert advice either from your own health professionals or our Accredited Practicing Dietitians can give very helpful advice too.