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28 Days That Changed My Life | Episode 5 | Amanda


Meet Our Participants

Meet Amanda

Amanda is 54 years old, works a corporate job, has 2 sons and needless to say she has a very busy life. About one year ago, Amanda had a partial hysterectomy which has lead her to start gaining weight in unexpected areas. She is also really upset that she can no longer wear her wedding rings due to putting on weight. Amanda has recently found that balancing her work travel, hotel stays and work functions whilst trying to do healthy meal-prep has been a struggle (plus she is also managing family life with her hubby and 2 sons on top of this too). Currently, Amanda is experiencing menopause, and, like many women her age, losing weight especially around the middle, can be a challenge due to hormonal changes. Our dietitian, and founder of Be Fit Food, Kate Save, supported Amanda on her 28 day challenge to improve her energy, take back control of her health and reach her goal of being able to wear her wedding rings again. Tune into this episode to see the incredible results that Amanda managed to achieve.


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Hi, I’m Kate Save, a dietitian, exercise physiologist and diabetes educator with over 20 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. My passion is helping people to feel healthier and happier by giving them more energy and supporting their bodies with good nutrition to ensure they are functioning at their highest potential. But most importantly, I want to ensure that I can help people to boost their self-confidence so that they radiate their positive energy with others to inspire and motivate them to live healthier and happier lives too.

 28 Days That Changed My Life is a passion project for me as I know what people are capable of achieving if they are supported and given the right tools to just get them started, then their incredible results keep them motivated initially and eventually they find that they no longer need the external motivation of results on the scales or in their clothing. They actually find that they want to continue their new healthy lifestyle habits and sustain their results as it just becomes a new healthier way of life. The long term rewards that we find that people who change their lifestyle behaviours are more about the way they feel in themselves as they report increased energy levels, a more positive mood and an overall feeling of self confidence when they know they are living their healthiest lives.