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We are always on the lookout for great people who can represent Be Fit Food and have come across your profile.
Below is some information about our latest influencer opportunity.

Please read the information below and let us know whether you are interested in being a part of this campaign, using the form provided.

The team at Be Fit Food

Why  Be Fit Food?

Be Fit Food is a healthy meal company on a mission to change the health of Australians. Our meals and programs have been designed to help people lose excess kilos but also improve areas of wellbeing including having more energy, sleeping better, increased libido, and clearer skin. On top of these feel-good benefits, our programs can also have a positive impact on health markers like blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and on average people lose 5.89kg in just two weeks!

 With so many people resorting to extreme diets (bars, shakes, juice cleanses and detoxes), it is more important than ever to let people know that there is a real, wholefood way to shape up and feel great. Like a shake diet, Be Fit Food is also low calorie but the meals contain wholesome, real-food ingredients to help reach the daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals.

 All Be Fit food meals have been designed by a Doctor & Dietitian team and we provide complimentary support with qualified Dietitians to make sure that programs and meals are right for the customer. As an influencer, you also have the opportunity to speak with a Dietitian before you start with us.

What do we want to achieve?

We work with influencers to help reach people who haven’t heard about Be Fit Food before. Our influencers can then let their followers know all about Be Fit Food and help to bring in new customers and sales. 

What we are offering

Our one-week program is our most popular program and is called Be Rapid, because you see (and feel) rapid results. We are offering you the chance to try this program – on us! (Valued at $214.95).

 We will also provide you with a discount code to offer your followers of $25 off their first order (there is a minimum spend of $99).

 Plus, for every order from your followers using your unique code, we will provide a $10 payment as a thank-you for the new customer sale. That means that if 20 of your followers place a Be Fit Food order and they are new customers, not only will your follower get $25 off their order but you will also receive 20 x $10 = $200 from us.  

What we are looking for

In exchange for the above, we are looking for influencers to show their Be Fit Food experience in a positive light to help us reach new audiences, find new customers, and drive sales. This would look like:

  • 1 x Instagram post or reel with yourself and Be Fit Food in some capacity (content examples below). 
  • 1 x Instagram post of a Be Fit Food meal that you’re eating
  • 3 x Instagram stories about your experience overall, making sure to show Be Fit Food in a  positive but authentic light
  • If you would like to post additional content to help us drive sales, of course we are happy for that too!
  • Each post and story must contain the correct tags and hashtags

This opportunity is for you if...

  • You are looking to go on a health kick
  • Your followers are interested in your health and fitness
  • You’re up for a challenge!
  • You are going to commit to the one week program and give it a proper go
  • You feel excited by the opportunity and are willing to meet or exceed content expectations

This opportunity is not for you if...

  • You need some content and don’t mind what it’s about
  • You’re just after some extra cash
  • You are vegan or vegetarian – please see our range first and check ingredients
  • You have food allergies – please see our range first and check ingredients
  • You aren’t OK with us using your images on our website, eDM and social media pages
  • You live in NT – we don’t deliver there yet

Okay I’m interested…how does it all work?

  • Read the information contained on this page and then complete the form below to confirm your interest
  • Once approved, you will be sent an email containing:
       a. How to book a Dietitian consultation (optional)
       b. Your gift code to place your order
       c. Your unique code and link which gives your followers their discount
  • Your delivery will arrive according to these delivery routes:
  • Once your delivery arrives, you will starting creating content around your experience.
  • After your week on Be Rapid, you will send us the images you have taken plus a written testimonial that we can use
  • One month after the completion of your program, we will tally the amount of sales from your followers and let you know
  • You will then invoice us with the total amount payable
  • We will process your payment of $10 per sale using your unique code