NDIS Meal Providers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (the NDIS) provides support to people with a disability, their families and their carers. It is government and state funded and provides individualised packages of support to eligible people with a disability.

The NDIS has a directory of approved providers which includes Be Fit Food. This means we have met high standards in both our approach to health and in our meals.

If you have any queries about your eligibility for the NDIS, you or your support carer can speak with one of our dietitians who can help assess your needs. We cater for participants who are self, plan and agency managed. When you are speaking to one of our team it is helpful to have your plan type and number handy.

If ready-made meals are part of your plan, the NDIS will fund a portion of meals which covers meal preparation and delivery. There will still be out-of-pocket costs for you, which cover the cost of the raw ingredients. As a general guide under the scheme, 80% of the total cost is covered, leaving you responsible for the remaining 20% of the price. Consequently, the co-pay for meals commences at $2.79 for our main meal options. Depending on your plan type you may have to pay for the full order amount upfront and Be Fit Food will provide you with a receipt to make your claim to the NDIS. Please speak to our team for further information.

Be Fit Food provides doctor and dietitian designed meals and snacks that are developed based on nutritional science. All Be Fit Food’s NDIS Meals are snap-frozen to lock in nutrients and delivered to your door. Be Fit Food NDIS Funded Meals are designed to help control blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

Be Fit Food is different from other meal providers on the NDIS because we also provide free dietitian support to all customers with personalised advice based on their specific dietary requirements and health conditions. Our main goal is to help all Australians Eat Themselves Better. We believe food is the first medicine and our food choices can aid in prevention and management of lifestyle diseases.

“Be Fit Food has been a great way to add healthy meals and snacks in my day to day that has been beneficial to my health and lifestyle. The meals are delicious and a super easy way to know I’m getting the nutrition I need in my every day!” - Bianca.

“Yummy and healthy meals accompanied by dietitian support. 9.5kg lost total after 3 weeks on Be Rapid! I now jump back on the program every few months to maintain my weight loss along with my own healthy eating.” - Mr R

Steps to purchase under your NDIS plan:

  • Submit an Enquiry: Please submit an enquiry to our team on 1300 263 257 or support@befitfood.com.au so that we can help set up your NDIS account. You'll be asked for details about your NDIS care plan so we can check your eligibility.
  • Choose Your Meals: Once we've confirmed that the NDIS will contribute towards your order, it's time to shop! Choose your NDIS approved meals from our range of breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks based on your dietary needs and preferences. We can work with you and/or your support coordinator if you need assistance.
  • Get Your Delivery: Your meals will be delivered to your door, snap-frozen to lock in nutrients. Not sure whether Be Fit Food delivers to your postcode? Check our delivery routes here.
  • Enjoy: Pop your nutritionally balanced meals into your freezer, ready to heat and eat. Be Fit Food meals can be prepared in multiple ways including the microwave, oven or even an air fryer. Enjoy!

Click here to submit an NDIS enquiry, or contact us on 1300 263 257 or support@befitfood.com.au

To provide you with the best experience with Be Fit Food, we have ensured a range of documents are available to you including: Incident Management Policy, Complaints Management Policy and Complaints Management Form. If you need assistance with any of these documents, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 263 257.