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Be Fit Food Meal Flat Lay with Various Meals

Be 5:2 Program

What is the Be 5:2 program?

If you are looking for slower weight loss or weight maintenance but find it difficult to stick to a weekly program, then the Be 5:2 program might be suited to you. Intermittent fasting is a promising approach to achieve weight loss or weight maintenance.

The 5:2 Diet is when you follow a healthy eating regime for 5 days per week and “fast” intermittently for 2 days. On those alternate fasting days, you should consume 500-600 calories per day, which is based on meeting only 25% of the average metabolic requirements per day.

What results will I achieve?

This program may result in around 0.5-1kg of weight loss per week. * This also largely depends on what you choose to eat on your non-Be Fit Food days. We would recommend a Mediterranean, low carbohydrate style of eating.
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What does a day look like?

You'll receive enough food to use over a 4-week period. That is 8 days of food, including a total of 16 Be Fit Food meals as lunches and dinners and a pack of 8 protein balls you can use on your non-fasting days.

Additionally, we provide you with an ‘Recommended Extras Guide’ that consists of a variety of nutritious (low-starch) vegetable and salad items, protein-based snacks and low-carb fruit options.

Example day on the program - Female
Be Fit Food Lunch
Be Fit Food Dinner
Side Salads and Non-Starchy Vegetables (to add to meals - refer to Recommended Extras guide)
Example day on the program - Male
Be Fit Food Snack
Be Fit Food Lunch
Be Fit Food Dinner
Side Salads & Non-Starchy Vegetables (to add to meals - refer to Recommended Extras guide)
Be Fit Food Recommended Extras Guide

What is the difference in other programs?

Be Rapid Bundle Tile
Metabolism Reset Bundle Tile
Be Fit Food weight loss programs use a daily energy restriction alongside the science of mild nutritional ketosis to achieve effective weigh loss. However intermittent fasting has been suggested as an effective alternative approach to weight loss, particularly for those who find it difficult to stick to a weekly program. Evidence shows that intermittent fasting is as effective for weight loss as a daily reduced energy diet. It has also been shown to be useful for weight maintenance. (1)

How do I prepare my meals?

The meals are snap fresh frozen to lock in the nutrients, so simply heat them up using a microwave, oven, air-fryer or the stove top using instructions either on the label or on our website, and you’re good to go.

Check out the Recommended Extras Guide online for suggested vegetables and salads to bulk up the meal.
Be Fit Food Wholemeal Beef Lasagne in Yellow Baking Dish

Healthy Tips

Have a protein ball within 10 to 30 minutes after exercising

Do not skip meals or snacks, even though you might not be hungry. Skipping meals will mean you will get very hungry later in the day or straight after your next meal

Drink a minimum of 2L of water each day

Herbs & Spices won’t affect your results. If you like a little extra flavour, don’t reach for the salt (which will stimulate your hunger) add some fresh parsley, basil or chili

Keep off the booze, it will stop your liver clearing body fat and encourage fat storage instead which will stop you achieving the results you’re after

Before starting a new way of eating we encourage you to seek medical advice and have a medical check-up, particularly if you have a current medical condition and are taking medications. Our programs can improve health markers and you may require ongoing follow up
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How to Order

*Weight loss results and rates of weight loss may vary and depend on the individual.

*Average 5.89kg lost by 40 Be Fit Food customers over 2 weeks on Be Rapid/Metabolism Reset/Challenge Yourself programs. Individual results may vary and may be impacted by numerous factors including food plan type and individual circumstances and existing health/medical conditions or medications. We advise you to talk to your health professional prior to commencing and during your weight loss journey.
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