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Ketosis and Rapid Weight Loss – The Be Fit Food Diet

Ketosis and Rapid Weight Loss – The Be Fit Food Diet

Many individuals who have struggled with their weight have had success losing weight, but then quickly regained it – commonly known as “yo-yo dieting”.

Rapid weight loss (RWL) diets show significant initial results which can often be motivating for individuals, as well as larger total weight loss long-term than slow continuous weight loss.

Rapid Weight Loss is achieved using a Very Low Energy Diet (VLED). These diets are ketogenic as they contain very low levels of carbohydrates. This leads to the production of ketones as the body switches to primarily burning fat as its fuel source rather than glycogen. This metabolic condition is called “nutritional” ketosis. Ketogenic diets result in a reduction in total body fat, as fat is used as the primary fuel source. Adequate protein intake is important when following a ketogenic diet to prevent loss of muscle mass.

The Be Fit Food (BFF) Rapid Weight Loss Program is designed to shift the individual’s metabolism into a state of ketosis to lose weight quickly.

In a recent 2-week study conducted by PPN and BFF, 10 participants followed their normal diet for one week followed by one week of BFF Rapid Weight Loss delivered meals. Results showed that participants following Be Fit Food lost on average 3.3kg in 1 week compared to 0.8kg on their regular diet. One week of BFF also significantly reduced average daily blood glucose levels.

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