Meal Delivery

At Be Fit Food, we are on a mission to help Australians eat themselves better. Using wholefood ingredients combined with nutritional science, we have a range of meals and programs to help you reach your health goals.

Be Fit Food saves you from cooking with the convenience of ready-made, nutritious and delicious meals available at your fingertips with the click of a button. Not only can you purchase online 24/7, but we have a range of meals available at select retailers and supermarkets across Australia for your convenience. Our meals last up to 12-18 months in the freezer, so there's no risk of food wastage and we offer a wide variety of meals to satisfy your body's needs and tastebuds.

Be Fit Food provides meals and programs that can be used as a wholefood alternative to bars and shakes – often found in pharmacies and supermarkets as a method of losing weight. It is common practice for health professionals to recommend shakes as a weight loss solution, but we know that there is a better way, which is better habit forming, good role modeling in families, more satisfying and less restrictive– it is using real food, rather than a ‘shakes prescription’ from your doctor or health professional.

You can lose weight safely and effectively eating real food. Not only does Be Fit Food taste great, but the meals are based on nutritional science to ensure the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat to allow your body to burn its fat stores for fuel.

Our meal programs are developed with complete nutritional balance in mind and contain up to 100% of the recommended dietary intake for all essential vitamins and minerals when followed as prescribed using recommended extras from the list provided.

Our meals are also full of gut loving fibre which we know from research is incredibly important for both our physical and mental health because of the impact it has on our digestive health.

Our recipes follow a Mediterranean style approach to eating, are low in carbohydrates and contain 4-12 different veggies per meal. The meals help bring the body into a mild nutritional state of ketosis for effective fat burning. Our programs are suitable for chronic health disease management such as Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol. Our customers’ results speak for themselves, not just from the number on the scales, but from a wide range of other health benefits such as improved bowel movements, better sleeping habits, decreased bloating, more energy and improvement in mental health.

Hear from our customers!

  • Amazing!!! My friend got me onto this diet claiming that back in the days she had lost 7kg in 2 weeks... So I thought I'd try. But I'm now 45 and have been stuck with hormonal weight for the last 4 years, so I was not really it would work miracles.... well, it did! I'm only half way through the 2 weeks reset and I've already lost 4kg!!!!! I mean I haven't been able to loose any weight in years! and now in 1 week only I lost 4kg! :) Also to my surprise the food taste delicious and the portions are bigger than I expected. I'm almost never hungry before it's actually time for the next meal. I got lots of energy and I feel great! Been recommending it to all my friends! it's the best diet I have ever tried and so so easy to follow! love it ! - Morgane P
  • This program actually works - I lost 7 kilos over the 14 day program. The food items are tasty, easy to heat and serve, they are satisfying and provide a good level of balanced nutrition. Add additional items as per the list for fresh food elements, e.g. lettuce/baby spinach/grated veg etc. as a crisp salad with the meal and substitute a treat with a boiled egg for extra protein. Highly recommend and it's a good kick start for people that need to take a few of those extra kilos that sneak up on us. - Susan G

Be Fit Food delivers to most postcodes around Australia, except the Northern Territory and areas of Far North Queensland. Click here to check whether we deliver to you.

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To provide you with the best experience with Be Fit Food, we have ensured a range of documents are available to you including: Incident Management Policy, Complaints Management Policy and Complaints Management Form. If you need assistance with any of these documents, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 263 257.