Sustainability at Be Fit Food

Why Frozen?

At Be Fit Food, we understand the importance of convenience, sustainability, and nutrient preservation when it comes to food choices. That's why we have chosen to offer frozen meals as a solution that aligns with these principles. 


Fresh food, while sometimes boasting a superior taste and texture, comes with limitations. Its limited shelf life demands timely consumption to prevent spoilage and waste. In contrast, our frozen meals provide the advantage of convenience. They can be stored for an extended period and easily prepared when needed, accommodating your busy schedule and reducing the frequency of grocery shopping. 


The short shelf life of fresh food contributes to increased food waste, with unused items often spoiling before they can be consumed. At Be Fit Food, we strive to minimise food waste, which is why we have chosen snap-frozen meals. Snap-freezing effectively halts bacterial growth and enzymatic activity, preserving the food's integrity and extending its shelf life.

Nutrient Preservation

Fresh food, over time, experiences nutrient degradation due to exposure to air, light, and temperature fluctuations. The nutritional value gradually declines, making it less nutritious compared to when freshly harvested or produced. On the other hand, snap-freezing is an effective method for preserving the nutritional value of food. Our snap frozen meals undergo a careful freezing process that slows down the degradation of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. This ensures that you can enjoy a wide range of nutrients, even when certain fresh produce is out of season.


Our Packaging


Our commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging, as we use the novel material “evolve” by Faerch which is formulated from up to 80% of recycled plastic trays.

Compared to traditional, single use convenience meal packaging, the liners and trays at Be Fit Food can be further recycled after consumer use to reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions.

Additionally, the recycled material used in our liners is locally sourced from Australian waste to further minimise environmental impact.

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✓ Doctor & Dietitian designed
✓ Nutritionally-balanced meals
✓4 - 12 veggies in each meal 
✓ High protein
✓ Low carbohydrate
✓ Low sodium and no sugar added
✓ Snap frozen to lock in nutrients



Alongside our range of weight-loss meals and programs, we are the first NDIS Provider to have a range of meals that have been co-created with the CSIRO to work with the CSIRO Low Carb Diet.

In clinical studies, the CSIRO Low Carb Diet has shown these benefits compared to a traditional high carbohydrate, low fat, diet:

✓ Improved metabolic health and blood glucose control

✓ Effective Type 2 Diabetes prevention and management

✓ Reduction in risk factors for heart disease

To find out more about the CSIRO Low Carb Diet and how it might work for your lifestyle, visit the CSIRO website.

CSIRO Lifestyle Range