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NDIS x Be Fit Food

NDIS x Be Fit Food
Be Fit Food is proudly a registered NDIS provider. This means those on a care plan with funding for the preparation and delivery of meals can purchase our meals to help promote a healthy lifestyle. We are now able to provide NDIS participants with meals that will address the common barriers to healthy eating or weight loss such as food preparation, food access, affordability, time constraints, and food knowledge. Be Fit Food meals and programs have been formulated by a doctor & team of dietitians combining a Mediterranean pattern of eating with the science of the CSIRO low carbohydrate diet. We are now Australia’s leading real food, Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) for rapid weight loss and weight management. Our vision is we want to help all Australians to eat themselves better! Our meals are made from high quality, wholesome and fresh ingredients including a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Each meal contains 4-12 vegetables, an average of 20g protein, less than 15g carbohydrates and is low in sodium and saturated fat. Our meals have no added sugars, artificial colours and flavours. They are cooked fresh and snap frozen to lock in all the nutrients. This also means we don't need to gas our foods or add preservatives which helps reduce food wastage from our end, as well as in your home because meals can be stored frozen for longer periods of time. At Be Fit Food we have meal programs and bundles that can be tailored to everyone's lifestyle and goals. People who have a weight loss goal may choose to complete one of our rapid or gradual weight loss programs. We also offer meal programs to assist customers in weight maintenance and in the transition back to your own cooking. If a full program is not for you, we also sell our meals in bundles which are great for stocking up your freezer to have consistent access to healthy convenient meals. Be Fit Food is different from other meal providers on the NDIS because we provide complimentary dietitian support to all customers. We believe this is essential to help Australians achieve and sustain weight loss while being educated on the importance of nutrient-dense, whole food diets and portion control. This benefits customers who require a more personalised approach such as those with medical conditions, taking medication or that have dietary requirements. Please reach out to our team to find out more: or 1300 263 257
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