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Protein Booster vs Other Protein Powder

Protein Booster vs Other Protein Powder

Before we get into the technical jargon for those who want to know everything about their Protein Powders, here are the top 10 reasons why our Be Fit Food Protein Booster is one of the best in Australia;

  1. Unique blend of WPI and WPC which is well absorbed and gradually released 
  2. No added sugar or artificial sweeteners 
  3. Natural flavours  
  4. Low Lactose 
  5. Gluten Free 
  6. Low Carb (1.9g per serve) 
  7. Contains Pre-biotics for gut health 
  8. Contains Pro-biotics for gut health 
  9. Does not cause bloating due to low lactose WPI/WPC blend with Pre and Pre-biotics  
  10. Over 24g protein per serve  

Protein BoosterProtein Powder

The Be Fit Food Protein Booster contains a combination of high-quality whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC) which enhances absorption and digestion processes. WPI is the purest form of whey protein and naturally lower in lactose, carbohydrate and fat as a result. A lower lactose content promotes digestive comfort as this sugar is poorly tolerated by many individuals, resulting in symptoms such as bloating and gas.

Conversely, traditional protein powder products often contain “high protein blends” and whilst these still contribute to the protein content of the product, agents like milk powder detract from the quality of the protein and are considered cheap bulking agents that increase lactose and total carb count. The inclusion of pre- and postbiotics to Be Fit Food’s protein booster supports gut health by promoting the growth of good microbes. A healthy gut microbiome supports digestive functioning, immune health and emotional wellbeing.

In addition, our protein booster contains stevia, a non-nutritive sweetener naturally derived from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. Traditional brands use synthetic sweeteners to improve taste, namely sucralose, which is an artificial compound made from sucrose and chlorine. Although evidence is not concrete, there are many links connecting sucralose consumption to adverse outcomes like disrupted weight regulation and imbalance of microflora. (1)

In conclusion, when compared to protein powders from traditional brands, Be Fit Food’s Protein Booster offers a higher quality solution to increasing protein intake that considers digestive wellbeing, without compromising on taste.

Serving suggestion - 

The Be Fit Food Protein Booster can be mixed with water for convenience on-the-go, however we recommend using the Protein Booster in combination with low-carb greens and berries to create a delicious smoothie which is full of whole-food goodness. See our range of healthy smoothie recipes at or download ourBe Fit Food Protein Booster Recipe E-book. 


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