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Vively I Be Fit Food

Vively I Be Fit Food

Vively aims to help Be Fit Food customers understand their metabolism. Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) have predominantly been used for people with diabetes, specifically type 1 diabetes, to track and manage their blood sugar levels so that they can more accurately determine the correct external insulin dose required, given their body cannot endogenously produce insulin. 
Have you ever wondered why you might get different results to someone else when going on a health and fitness regime? 
Every person has a unique metabolism. Our genes, body type, and composition, as well as activity level, determine how we respond to food. This is why no one program works for everyone. 
Vively can be used to analyse and compare the effect that different meals and ingredients have on their metabolism and learn how their sleep quality and exercise routine can play a direct role in influencing this. 
A high-sugar diet is associated with a higher risk of death, cardiovascular disease, and several chronic health issues. A poor-quality diet commonly contributes to feelings of fatigue and low mood. 
Volatile glucose spikes or drops (fluctuation) are associated with poor blood vessel function and may cause light-headedness, fatigue, headache and sleepiness. 
It's important to understand the role of metabolic fitness when it comes to health. 

Metabolic fitness refers to how well your body can process and use the energy from food without causing problems like high blood sugar, cholesterol, or insulin levels. It’s like your body’s energy system working smoothly. 
On the other hand, physical fitness refers to the ability of the body to be healthy and perform daily tasks and activities. Therefore, someone who has better metabolic fitness will result in better physical fitness by optimising energy production and use during daily activities. Additionally, having good metabolic fitness means your body can process food efficiently, and this helps improve your physical fitness by optimising energy production and use during daily activities. 
With Vively, you can elevate the quality of your lifestyle based on your individual metabolic response. Say bye to extra doses of supplements, or to an ineffective exercising plan, by understanding your metabolism at a much deeper level. See in real-time how key lifestyle factors, like food, sleep and exercise, interplay with your body's glucose responses. 
How does it work? A small sensor is inserted under the skin, typically on the abdomen. This sensor continuously measures your glucose levels and sends the data wirelessly to a smartphone app. If you want more information about whether Vively might be suitable for you, book in for a complementary consult with a Be Fit Food dietitian to discuss your suitability for Vively. 
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